The Ultimate Checklist for your Baby's First Day Outdoors

By: admin | 14 November 2023

The Ultimate Checklist for your Baby's First Day Outdoors


Do you remember the time when you did not have a kid(s)? Those carefree moments when you could step out of the house anytime and stay out for as long as you wanted? Yeah, those days are things of the past now. While motherhood is beautiful, it comes with its own challenges. Every time you step out of the house with your little one, you must have a checklist and ensure everything is taken care of.

Is it your baby's first day out? No need to panic; we have got you covered. Just give this post a good read, and you will be ready to take your baby for its first day outdoors. Let's get started.

Baby's first day outdoors? Make sure these things are taken care of

Let's start with the most crucial aspect! Make sure you have all of their feeding necessities with you. This can now be separated into two categories: breastfed and bottle-fed.

Breastfed -If your baby is breastfed, you can carry something to cover yourself with while feeding your little one.

Bottle-fed- If your baby is bottle-fed. It is essential to know that newborns must have the following items with them.

  • Bottles that have been cleaned (1 or 2, depending on the duration of the trip)
  • Purified water
  • A formula in a dispenser
  • A formula packet/bottle (for overnight trips or more extended stays)

Burp cloths - It does not matter whether your precious one is breastfeeding or not; you should keep 1-2 burp towels on hand to capture any spit-ups.

Special tip- For smaller kids who have begun to consume semi-solids and solids

  • Snacks (for those hungry kids))
  • Water - it is preferable to take water from the residence rather than count on water from outside.
  • Bib


This is an item you cannot leave the house without. It is best to carry a stock of disposable diapers. Along with diapers, you'll need to bring a few additional items. Let's look at everything you'd need to avoid a nasty situation. Mamy Poko Diaper Pants is your trusted companion when it comes to this.

  • Diaper change pad - This item serves two functions: it shields your baby's delicate skin from contaminant surfaces and protects surroundings from an exceptionally dirty bottom.
  • Diaper rash cream - Prolonged periods in nappies can be rough on your baby's skin. This can help you avoid rashes.
  • A sealable bag - For storing old diapers to avoid littering.
  • Baby wipes - Make sure you carry Mamy Poko Pants baby wipes to clean your baby before a diaper change.

Things to pay attention to when it is cold outside

Things you require for a sunny day out and a winter day are different. This is because the temperature difference affects the baby differently. They are more vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. Be mindful of that when you step out with your bundle of joy.

Because infants lose a significant portion of their heat via their ears and hands throughout the winter, getting a baby cap and lightweight gloves is vital to provide an extra layer of warmth for your little one. If your child is a born thumb sucker, keep an extra pair of gloves on hand. You may also protect their feet from the cold by dressing them in comfortable socks.

Always dress your child in thin layers, the first being cotton, to keep the temperature stable. Begin with a cotton onesie, then add a shirt and thick tights. You can even wrap them in a winter coat if it's freezing outside.

Ensure that the initial layer is always composed of soft, breathable cotton; otherwise, the baby may feel discomfort.

You may also engage in specific 'kangaroo therapy' for your little bundle of joy, especially babies while remaining outside for a prolonged amount of time. It is a pediatrician-approved technique in which the infant is gently put on their parent's skin, which is enough to keep them toasty and comfy while sleeping.

You'll have plenty of chances to carry your baby outside for clean air. Some mothers are hesitant to take such a tiny life out; they cut short their trip or keep postponing it to another day, but if you take the essential measures, you'll be fine.

Understand that the same stuff you require at home are the identical ones you'll need when you're out and about with your baby's first outing. So, pack appropriately!

Things to pack when you are going for a long trip with your baby

Long trips can get challenging for you and your precious one when you are unprepared. First-time moms can get overwhelmed and pack more than necessary. This is a common scenario. Don't worry; we have all been there. It is natural to feel overprotective of your baby and get this innate desire to protect them from the outside world. But babies are tougher than they look. Your love, affection, and care will not go to waste even if you have made some mistakes in the beginning.

Have a look at these things and check them off your checklist:

It's a wise option to get travel-size baby things that can be easily transferred in a bag, kept in the car, and so on. If you are buying anything for your baby, buy two of them. Keep one item in the car and one at your home. This way, you will never forget to carry the essentials with you.

  • Car seat for your child. make sure it's rear-facing
  • Diaper bag filled with travel-size diaper-changing essentials
  • Sun protection

What to pack in your first-aid travel kit

There are several things available to safeguard your child's health and welfare. You'll already be preoccupied with keeping your infant safe from danger, so this area of the checklist for baby's day out will make that chore much more manageable.

Because your baby's immune cells are still growing, you'll want to keep several hygiene items on hand. Also, remind everybody who wants to approach or engage with your little one to rinse their hands before coming in contact with the baby. Your child is especially vulnerable, and you must keep infections away. Just say it politely, and we assure you they will not get offended.

Here is a list of first-aid kit essentials that you should not leave the house without. You never know when the need arises, so it's always a good idea to be equipped! You don't have to carry everything mentioned in the list below; pick the ones you need for an outdoor scenario

  • Band-aids
  • Hot/cold pack
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Electrolyte solution
  • Aloe vera gel for mild burns
  • Acetaminophen (a fever reducer)
  • Saline nose drops

Final thoughts

So now you have it, all the things you need to take care of before your little one steps out the door. It's a special day for the parents and the baby. You can relax and enjoy the outing once you have ticked off everything from this list. It's going to be a beautiful day! When you are prepared for all eventualities travel becomes a breeze and you can relax when you are out instead of getting worked up. Mamy Poko Pants has your back, well it has your baby’s back too!!!

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