About Unicharm


The design signifies a warm relationship based on trust between the one who is supported and the one who is supporting like a mother and her child.

This represents unicharm, as an organization striving to embrace customers tenderly and support them in maintaining healthy, comfortable lives.

The three colors of the Charm Ring also have important meanings:

  1. Yellow represents the energy and brightness of daily life
  2. Orange represents the warmth and power of life
  3. Blue represents the technology and trust to offer science for daily life
We want everyone to feel the strength found in tenderness, irrespective of generation or gender. The Charm Ring represents all the thoughts and feelings above.

Corporate Philosophy

"NOLA & DOLA" (Necessities of Life with Activities & Dreams of Life with Activities)

The Unicharm Way- The Unicharm Way forms the foundation of Unicharm's activities.

From Newborn infants to the elderly, Unicharm aims to provide people with products that provide physical and psychological support through gentle care so that they may be free of their burdens to fulfill their dreams.

Unicharm corporation wishes to provide people of all ages, from baby to the elderly, with products to gently support their minds and bodies to free them from burdens and allow them to fulfill their dreams. Including this desire in our corporate philosophy "NOLA & DOLA" (Necessities of Life with Activities & Dreams of Life with Activities), we offer baby and child care products centering on disposable diapers, feminine sanitary goods such as napkins and tampons, urinary care products for senior citizens, cleaning products such as cleaning sheets, wet tissues, health care products such as three-dimensional face masks and pet care products.

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