Is the material used in diaper safe and hygienic for babies?

Yes, the diaper is made of non-woven, soft and breathable cotton like material  which is safe and hygienic for baby.

Is it safe to use diaper whole day?

It is okay to use diaper for up to 10-12 hours, however it Is suggested to check the diaper often to ensure the baby is comfortable and baby has not pooped or the diaper is full.

I have heard that long and continuous use of diapers affect baby’s physical & genital growth?

Longer usage of diaper is not related to physical or genital growth of the baby. Infact diaper helps to keep hygiene of the baby and helps in good sleep of the baby. Parents should check their baby’s diaper often to ensure that the diaper is not full.

What if baby gets diaper rash?

In case of diaper rash, parents should consult a doctor and stop using the diaper if irritation occurs and keep the baby dry.

I have noticed crystals, and gel in the diapers. Are they safe?

Crystals and gel are the absorbent materials in a diaper hence they are not harmful on the baby’s skin. These crystals do not react with the baby’s skin and reacts with the water molecules to help in absorption.

How to dispose off diapers?

The best way to dispose off a soiled diaper is to wrap the diaper in a layer of old newspapers and throw it in a dustbin. Do not flush the used diaper, as it may lead to clogging of drains.

From where can we know about sampling or other promotional activities?

You can visit our social media handles (FB/Twitter/Insta/Youtube/Brand Website) for sampling and promotional activities. We keep on updating our activities from time to time.

How do we know that we are buying original product through online or offline stores?

We are available on selected E commerce websites and registered retailers. In case of online purchase, you can follow links in the website. In case of any queries, please get in touch with customer care.

Where can I contact if I have any queries or issues in your product?

Please get in touch with customer care: +9971988339(Monday to Friday 10:00am  - 5:00 pm) or email:customercare@unicharm.com or connect with us on www.facebook.com/mamypokopantsindia

What shall I consider (age or weight) while selecting diaper’s size?

Diaper size is chosen according to the weight of the baby and not the age. You can always refer to our size chart for a better understanding.