List of diseases that babies are prone to (Part 2)

By: admin | 14 November 2023

List of diseases that babies are prone to (Part 2)

Whooping Cough:

Another highly infectious disease that your little one can come in contact with, it merely starts off as a slight cold with little coughs. But as time passes, the coughing spasms get more and more severe and can easily last for several weeks. In children, it also might lead to problems like vomiting, weight loss or even pneumonia. In order to make sure that your child is protected from this highly infectious disease, the DTP vaccine is available and helps to a great extent in preventing your child from catching this disease.


Rotavirus is the kind of virus that usually affects children who are between 3 months and two years of age. The main problem that this disease causes is severe diarrhea and as a result of this, also results in dehydration. The main route of the spread of this disease is personal contact, airborne droplets of infected bodily fluid or coming in contact with someone suffering from the disease. Apart from the diarrhea, the child might also suffer from fever, abdominal pain and projectile vomiting. The rotavirus vaccine is present to prevent the baby from catching this disease.


We have all heard the term “lockjaw” have we not? But do you know what causes lockjaw? Tetanus is also called lockjaw is a disease that can cause extremely painful spasms when muscle contraction occurs. This is one of the most fatal diseases known to man. Caused by bacteria, that is mostly found in soil and animal manure, and can easily enter the body through a cut or a wound. Another way for the bacteria to enter your body is through an animal bite. Here also, the DTP vaccines comes as a saviour

Tuberculosis (TB):

Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease that essentially affects the lungs and is and airborne disease nature. Whenever a person comes in contact with another person who is suffering from the disease, or comes in contact with the mucus from the infected person’s sneeze/cough, then the chances of the healthy person catching the disease are high. The main symptoms of TB are constant coughing, chest pains, sometimes the appearance of blood in sputum, weakness, weight loss, night-sweats etc. Thanks to the BCG vaccine however, which acts as an amazing preventive of the disease, the number of TB cases has gone down drastically.


The main mode of the spread of this disease is through the consumption of food or water contaminated by the urine or faeces of an infected person. This is basically a bacterial disease and is quite contagious too. Some of the more noticeable symptoms of children affected by typhoid are high fever, headaches, enlarged spleen/liver, or changes in motion that can include both constipation and diarrhea. To make sure that your little one does not suffer from this disease, do remember to get him/her vaccinated with the typhoid vaccine.

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