What to expect when your baby learns to sit with support?

By: admin | 14 November 2023

What to expect when your baby learns to sit with support?

As parents, it’s always exciting to witness our child’s milestones - be it the first smile, first step, first word, grabs or roll over. It is also natural for parents to worry whether baby’s development is on track and how baby’s development generally unfolds. Every child is different and development/milestones vary from child to child. Every child looks extremely cute when they start sitting or sit with support. Sitting is an important developmental achievement which gives a child a new outlook of the world and at the same time grants a new level of independence but babies need to learn how to balance first before being able to sit. Most babies at 6 months develop the neck, upper body and back muscle and are able to sit with support. However, some of them might need more time and may start sitting independently when they become 7 months old, for some infants, the ability to sit unassisted will come as late as 9 months especially if baby spends lots of time lying down. Here are few things to keep in mind when babies learn to sit with support:

When Do Babies Sit Up?

Bear in mind that all babies develop differently. Most babies are able to sit up when they reach the age of 4 months, however some babies need more time and it can stretch till 7 months. By 4 months old, baby will probably be able to hold his head steady when he's upright, but most babies' heads will still fall backward when their upper bodies are pulled up to a sitting position.

How Do Babies Learn to Sit Up?

Head control plays a very important role - when babies reach the age of 6 months, few will be able to sit with support keeping the head and back straight. However, they would not be able to stay in this position for long and would require support to remain seated. At this stage, it is always advisable to surround them with pillows so that they don’t get hurt.

What not to worry about

Every stage comes with practice and it is okay to notice developments later than usual. If the baby doesn't sit with support by the end of month 5, it's not a cause for concern. Every baby develops differently and at their own pace. Some babies sit as early as 4 months, whereas others pick it up as late as 9 months.

Provide Support for Your Baby

Another way to teach your child how to sit is make some adjustments to the room. Keep the child in between your legs while sitting on the floor and prop the child into a sitting position Some babies begin sitting at 4 months while others begin walking at 7 months. Always speak to your pediatrician. Often, reassurance is all that is needed and if there are signs your baby is having difficulty it is much better to take action at a younger age than waiting until your baby is older.

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