Tips to Bond with the baby When Dad is Away

By: admin | 14 November 2023

Tips to Bond with the baby When Dad is Away

It is equally important for both the parents to take equal responsibility in a child's upbringing, to see the baby grow and meet new milestones. A baby is incomplete without the parents', same ways the parents are equally incomplete without their child. The parents are keen on every new milestone the child takes, be it the first smile, the first word, the favourite food etc. However, not all the parents are privileged to see their child's milestones, owing to busy work lives. A number of problems arise in the child's psychology if one of the parents is absent from duties and it becomes equally challenging for the mother to cope up with all the responsibilities. But for a happy and contented life, one needs to go out and earn. I know many moms can relate to the initial struggle period, when they are left with a kid all alone. It becomes difficult at times, as the baby is too small to understand and cope with his surrounding, that's why joint families were considered to be fruitful in earlier times. However, times are changing and both parents are now working. But it is the mom who stays back in the initial few months when she is still breastfeeding the baby. Therefore at times dads are equally missed, because no one pampers his family like a father does. Being a mom myself, I have faced similar times when my partner was away and I was with the baby alone. I'll share three life tips that helped me during these times and also helped bond with my baby.

  1. Follow the time table - Make a timetable of things that are to be done on a day-to-day basis; set a guideline for the helpers, so they work according to the baby. When a baby is at peace, moms are the happiest so make the surrounding baby friendly and make time for Mamy and baby bonding.
  2. Go out exploring the world with your new born - Make sure you step out with baby in fresh air, it is very important in the development of a child's growth. Going out in the fresh air is beneficiary for the baby in many ways and at the same time the baby is accustomed to his surroundings.
  3. Keep everything handy and always keep the baby's essentials stocked in bulk, be it his diapers and medicine or lotion, food and baby wipes. This helps reduce stress and also avoids hurried trips with baby in tow.

Always remember a mother is the best fighter when it comes to her baby and no one in the world can take a mom's place, so to all the moms out there - do not panic in any situation, remember all is under control. You can take very good care of your baby and yourself, when the dad is not around. Be focused, be happy and talk when in doubt. Just remember to give right guidance to your little one, so that he does not feel left out or unwanted in any situation. Make phone calls as well as video call so that he remembers that someone is there for him too. What are the things that helped you make life easier when your partner was away? Share in the comments below!

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