How to Clean Your Baby's Delicate Parts

By: admin | 14 November 2023

How to Clean Your Baby's Delicate Parts

One can never resist touching and stroking a baby’s skin because it is so soft and fresh. I still remember how I used to admire my baby’s skin when she was born. At the same time I was worried and nervous on how to clean them without hurting my baby. But thanks to the help of my mother and research I undertook, it was possible for me to clean them without hurting or harming or causing discomfort to my baby. Your baby’s eyes, nose and ears should be cleaned every day to avoid any kind of infection or disease. Therefore I would like to share some tips on how to clean your baby’s nose, ears and eyes among other things:


You can clean your baby’s eyes, ears and nose when you’re bathing her. Warm water is everything you need to clean your baby and make them feel relaxed. Avoid using soap as it can dry out your baby’s skin and imbalance the pH level. You can get some cotton balls too. Soak one cotton ball in warm water. Clean the corner of your baby’s eyes by wiping it gently form the inside corner to the outside corners. Use a cotton ball for each eye separately and clean it as softly as possible as the eyes are very sensitive. Be extremely gentle and cautious.


Wipe gently around each nostril to get rid of unwanted mucus. It’s best not to put anything inside your baby’s nostrils as it can hurt the lining of nose because it’s very delicate and can result in bleeding and injury. May put saline drops into both nostrils if need be.


You can use soft cotton swabs to clean the baby’s ear. However as their ears are very sensitive it’s recommended to clean it only from the outside. Remember to also wipe the back of the baby’s ears. We don’t recommend using ear buds at all.


The best time to clean your baby’s genitals is when you are bathing your baby. But I would also suggest you to clean it thoroughly every time you change the baby’s diaper. Maintaining hygiene in the beginning stages is very important. Always use mild soap on the genitals, after consulting the doctor. Apply some soap on the baby’s genital and then pour lukewarm water on it. After that gently wipe the baby’s genital with a soft towel. Make sure the genitals are wiped properly or else it can create an imbalance in the pH level and can cause urinary infection. During diaper change, make sure you wipe the area with ,moist cotton.

Neck and Chin

Also clean the neck and chin area with a wet towel or wipes after feeding meals and during bathing. Keep it as clean as possible or else it can result in rashes and skin problems. Keep the pasts dry as much as possible to prevent fungal infection. Amidst all this, your baby may get upset while you are cleaning or bathing her. Try talking or singing to her and it will help you distract the baby and clean efficiently. I hope you found my article helpful. Do share your baby cleaning tips with me!

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