Unmissable exercise ideas for kids

By: admin | 14 November 2023

Unmissable exercise ideas for kids

With summers and online school, kids are home almost all day - this has led to reduced activities and overall low energy levels in kids. So how can you reverse this and ensure that your kids get enough exercise while staying happy? Well, thankfully there are some creative ways to increase activity levels in kids and getting the much-needed exercise. Physical activities or exercises not only keep kids engaged but also promotes healthy growth of both body and mind. After all, ‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.’ So let's look at some fun ways to include exercises in your kid’s routine!

Animal Race

Nothing’s more than a cute animal race, isn’t it? And it’s even more fun when everyone joins in the game. From duck waddles to crab walk and hop race - you can customize the animal race in any way that suits you and your kids. This enjoyable activity is a great way to pack in some exercise into the kid’s schedule.

Obstacle Course

You can design a fun obstacle course with all your kid’s favourite things and let them have fun while getting some much-needed exercise. Make sure to include a prize to give them some motivation to finish the course. You can also pack into this a treasure hunt for mental exercise as well. Props around the house like pillows, boxes, and jump ropes can be included to create the obstacles.

Jump Rope

This one accessory exercise is a fun exercise for kids and adults alike. Apart from offering plenty of health benefits, it also offers loads of fun when two or three kids play together. With plenty of variations available, this one can keep kids entertained for hours.

Dance Party

Who doesn’t like a fun dance party? Easy to put together, packing in exercise, and loads of fun - this is one activity where all members of the family can join in and shake a leg or two with the little ones.

Balloons and Ball Game

Every kid is fond of balls and balloons and nothing like playing a game of catch with a ball. For the younger ones, you can use balloons and ask them to catch them for some goodies.


This game which has been passed down for ages is very innovative and fun and has evolved over the ages. All you need is chalk or marker and your kids will be having fun in no time! Not only is it super fun, but it also makes for great exercise.

Jumping Jacks

Want to include your kids in your exercise routine? We have all noticed how kids like to mimic adults and this is one activity that is not only great for them but also an excellent exercise. Join them and get your daily step count too!

Pool Party

With inflatable pools available, it’s super easy to have a mini pool party in your backyard or even balcony. Simply fill up the tub and put some toys in it for fun pool time. It’s a fun activity that also offers a great exercise regime for kids.

Water Guns

If you cannot have a pool party, why not use this other water activity for some summer fun? Fill up the water guns and chase each other around for a fun time. Make sure that you play outdoors so the little ones do not slip on spilled water.

Let’s have some fun!

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