Winter Care Tips for Moms-to-be

By: admin | 14 November 2023

Winter Care Tips for Moms-to-be

They say being pregnant is fun. However, a few situations are challenging, particularly amid climate changes and on winter days. Pregnancy care in the winter is crucial during this stage since women are more prone to illnesses like the common cold and fever—everyone likes winter since it is pleasant and offers a wide choice of nutrient-rich foods to pick from.

Each season has its own unique set of difficulties. This time puts expectant moms at risk for several sensitivities and illnesses. However, you can make your pregnant experience marvellous and unforgettable by dressing appropriately, staying warm, and staying hydrated.

We've compiled these valuable suggestions to stay healthy and survive when the winter elements get tricky to make your pregnancy during the winter as comfortable as possible.

1. Purchase a winter coat

It's important to feel cozy and toasty on chilly winter days. Although it may be tempting to wear your usual winter coat unzipped, getting a new one will keep you warmer. If you don't want to spend the extra money you'll only wear for a few months, size up on a less expensive jacket—or visit the thrift store. Maternity coats can be costly.

2. Order groceries online

Every trip to the grocery store is an additional risk because loaded grocery bags are heavy. For a bit of cost, many food stores provide home delivery. Let the delivery guy bring your goods to you as you enjoy ordering groceries from the warmth and comfort of your home.

3. Remain inside as much as you can

Your body becomes more susceptible to illnesses while pregnant. Extreme weather exposure can be dangerous, and the bacteria can harm the mother and the unborn child. Due to severe weather, several women get the usual cold and cough. After leaving the warm and cozy house, the sensitive body of a pregnant woman needs some time to get used to the new environment of the chilly winds outside. It would help if you postponed all outings until the weather is better and it is safe for you to go out.

4. Obtain a flu shot

You should obtain a flu shot because pregnancy weakens your immune system. The flu shot is safe for expectant mothers and their unborn children according to the World Health Organization and the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India. Pregnancy significantly increases the risk for flu complications, so give yourself and your unborn child a quick shot to stay safe.

5. Use regular soap to wash your hands

It can be challenging to wash your hands frequently every day during the cold and flu season. There is no need to use antimicrobial soaps. Regular soap works just fine because, when you scrub, it is the friction and water doing the trick. You can make sure you spend enough time in the suds by washing your hands for as long as it takes you to sing the ABC song. Avoid using antibacterial gels if you have toddlers to prevent your baby from ingesting some of their remnants when she inevitably sucks on your finger.

6. Put on layers

Yes, you are pregnant. You are hot; you are cold; you are burning. Wear several layers so you can remove or add as necessary. You will have numerous options to adapt to the temperature variations if you wear a tank top or t-shirt, a button-up shirt, a cardigan, and a cute, lightweight scarf. Be inventive while keeping warm. Also, it helps to look cool while staying warm.

7. Consume foods with colour

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Eating the right foods helps your immune system to function at its peak. Since it's grey, brown, and white outside, your plate should be colourful. Including a spectrum of hues in your diet helps you create a stronger arsenal to fight fungal infections, bacterial and viral diseases. Consumption of a mix of coloured foods like bell peppers, cabbage, spinach, and kale for their high antioxidant and flavonoid content and cooking with fresh herbs, which have antibacterial characteristics can have a beneficial effect on your health.

8. Remain hydrated

When your body is adequately hydrated, it is better able to wash out some viruses and bacteria before they have a chance to establish a foothold in your body. Doctors recommend hot water with lemon as a beautiful winter beverage since it hydrates your cells and aids in constipation relief and digestive system cleansing. Lemons are also known to possess antibacterial qualities. And nothing warms you up more on a chilly day than a steaming cup of lemon juice!

9. Get enough rest

Your body heals primarily while you sleep, including fighting off infections you come into contact with throughout the day. This is why experts recommend getting good sleep. Getting at least a few more hours each night ensures that your body receives the deep sleep it needs to feel refreshed.

10. Remember to use creams and lotions

Due to hormonal changes, the skin undergoes many changes throughout pregnancy. The severe winter wind, which robs the skin's moisture content and leaves it dry and lifeless, causes it to become dehydrated. Wintertime skin care is critical if you're pregnant since dry skin can become flaky and irritated. No matter how alluring it may appear, choose lukewarm baths instead of hot ones. Following a bath, you should moisturise your skin immediately since the open pores absorb the moisturiser and leave your skin feeling supple, smooth, and soft. On your hands, belly, chest, and elbows, generously rub moisturiser in these areas. Your body will appreciate the attention given to it during pregnancy, and you'll be able to control the skin issues that pregnant women frequently encounter.

11. Treat yourself, and don't forget about your feet

Regular massages and aromatherapy can significantly benefit your body and the developing baby. A massage can improve blood flow and encourage the creation of more milk, which is useful when the baby requires the mother's milk. Additionally, aromatherapy's scent helps to lower stress. Another suggestion is to keep your feet warm during the winter because chilly weather impairs blood circulation.

12. Protect your skin from sunburn

Ensure your moisturiser contains an SPF(Sun Protection Factor), because being pregnant can make your skin more sensitive to the sun than usual. Avoid getting too much sun because it will raise your risk of being burned. By avoiding the cold as much as you can, taking breaks from outside activities, and maintaining your skin care regimen, you can work to keep your skin healthy.

13. Consistent Exercise

It is difficult to stroll outside because the lungs feel complete with icicles from the ice-cold, chilly air when it is freezing outside. It is harder for women who are pregnant. You can keep yourself healthy and safe by doing some activities indoors. To stay fit and active throughout the coldest months of pregnancy, you can visit a nearby indoor pool, sign up for a gym membership, visit a nearby mall, or purchase a yoga mat and yoga DVD.

Last Words

Expectant moms are more susceptible to several allergies and infections throughout the winter, which presents difficulties. Pregnant care in the winter requires maintaining immunity with a healthy diet and keeping the skin hydrated.

A pregnant woman's physique changes to become more sensitive. Therefore, try to limit your exposure to the outdoors and severe weather as much as possible. The mother and the child might be harmed by cold weather and pathogens. Furthermore, a cold that lasts too long could make you ill.

Last but not least, see your doctor, who will be aware of your precise condition and can offer you appropriate advice before you decide to undergo any therapy while pregnant.

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