Start of Pregnancy Cravings and How to control them

By: admin | 14 November 2023

Start of Pregnancy Cravings and How to control them

The first signs of pregnancy cravings arise around the 12th week of your pregnancy, and they literally can be a combination of many types of things and flavours that might even make a non-pregnant person wonder as to what is going on! Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal! You might just feel like combining whipped cream and bananas with chips! That is just how the cravings during pregnancy work!

The Start

A majority of women start developing cravings during the first trimester. The second trimester is when your cravings are at their peak, and then, in the third trimester, they start to lessen! It is very rare that your cravings continue post delivery so you needn’t worry about wanting to eat the same weird combinations after your little one makes an appearance!


There are many ways in which you can easily handle your food cravings and that too in an extremely healthy and satisfying way! But to help cope with those cravings of yours, you need to first keep a few things in mind!

Moderation is the key

We completely understand that you really feel like eating everything you are craving for, but consciously making an effort to control the portion would really go a long way in keeping you satisfied and healthy at the same time.

Understanding the cravings

There are chances that when a craving hits, it just might be your body’s way of telling you that it might be deficient in a certain nutrient! To curtail that craving, you might need to first recognize what nutrient your body might be deficient in and then think about giving in to your craving. If, for example, you seem to be craving for cheesy foods or mainly milk products, then your body might be indicating that you are deficient in calcium. Take heed of your body’s indications, and try to follow the same to make sure you lead a healthy pregnancy.

Have healthier alternatives on hand

Craving for something sweet? Well, before you decide to reach for that slice of cake, why not try to opt for a healthier alternative like an apple or a banana? Sweet yet healthy!  Take supplements

Before you decide to pop a supplement all by yourself, make sure you consult your doctor for the same. Your doctor will let you know the best multivitamins suited to your needs and thus ensure that self-medication does not end harming you instead of helping you. Taking supplements will ensure that you are able to meet your nutritional needs, and this in turn might just help cut down your cravings to a bare minimum!

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