Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

By: Sneha Tiwari | 14 November 2023

Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips
One might think that weight loss, during any stage of one’s life can prove to be difficult. During post-pregnancy specially, new mothers might worry how they are going to lose the weight they have been continuously gaining in the 9 months when they were busy carrying around their little one! Many of mothers, having just brought a baby into the world, house the same worries and rightly so. There have been so many myths associated with post-pregnancy weight that it sometimes becomes hard for mothers to believe that they can indeed lose weight, and even keep it off! Here are a few tips and tricks that we would love to share with anyone and everyone who thinks that losing weight, post-pregnancy is a difficult task! You can start giving heed to these tips from the very first day after your delivery or even after 3 months, post your delivery. It all depends on your will, your health and your need. But make sure to talk to your doctor before you decide to embark on this journey, so that you know that it will not end up harming you instead!
  • You have to, first of all, make up your mind that you indeed want to lose weight, keeping aside everything you might have heard about it. A positive approach to anything is always the best.
  • Nutrient dense foods are your best friend right now. Nutrient dense foods like foods rich in proteins will not only fulfil your nutritional requirement, but will also tremendously help your baby too, since he/she is dependant solely on your milk to get the right nutrients.
  • Eat regular meals, even when it seems like you will not be able to do so. One way of ensuring that you are able to do this, is by keeping healthy snacking foods like nuts, fruits, yogurt close at hand.
  • Things like salads and overnight oats too can easily be prepared, and can stay in your refrigerator, till the time you are in need of them.
  • Meal Planning: Planning your meals is an essential part of establishing a routine that will help you brilliantly when it comes to losing post-pregnancy weight. Think of a dish that you can have not once, but for 2-3 meals. Have 1 portion of it once you prepare, and merely freeze the rest till the time you are in need of it.
  • Physical Activity: Being physically active in the post-pregnancy stage could literally make a huge difference to your weight-loss agenda.Ofcourse we are not suggesting you to go hit the gym or start doing weights all of a sudden, but moderate physical activity is very essential when it comes to contributing to the weight loss process. The simplest of things like taking your baby out for a walk, or going to buy groceries can make or break your journey towards post-pregnancy weight loss.
  • Say Yes to extra calories: Now, that you are breastfeeding your baby, you also need to start making sure that the amount of calories you consume, helps you and your baby grow healthier. We always advise our clients to consume an extra 500 calories when compared to the amount of calories they were consuming prior to their delivery. Remember, your baby’s nutrition depends, quite literally, on the amount of calories you consume!
Keeping all these tips and tricks in mind, we hope that you are able to achieve that weight loss goal that you have been dreaming of reaching post your pregnancy, while taking care of yours’ and your baby’s health!

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