Importance of a healthy diet when planning a pregnancy

By: Sneha Tiwari | 14 November 2023

Importance of a healthy diet when planning a pregnancy
Getting the right kind of nutrition prior to planning for pregnancy is exceptionally important. A healthy diet ensures a proper balance between a woman’s weight and height, which happens to play an extremely crucial part in ensuring a safe and healthy pregnancy for you and good and healthy growth for your baby as well.

Why Pre-Pregnancy Diet is Important

There are a few things in particular that have proven to be truly relevant when it comes to talking about the necessity of following a healthy diet prior to conception.
  • Did you know that the pre-conception weight that a mother carries is essentially, more or less, proportional to the weight your little one will be born with.
  • Basically this means that if someone is underweight prior to conception, then they are likely to give birth to a baby that is underweight and smaller than healthier babies are supposed to be.
  • This is even apart from the fact that women do tend to gain weight during pregnancy, the weight that is considered normal according to various standards
  • The same logic goes for women who are overweight prior to planning for conception. You see, the chances of overweight women suffering from complications during pregnancy like gestational diabetes or high blood pressure are more.

What to eat:

Developing a healthy diet plan is of paramount importance as this will help all the women who are looking to conceive, maintain a healthy weight while also keeping other health issues at bay or in control like diabetes or blood pressure.

Veggies & Fruits:

The more the colours, the healthier the food is for you. Keep trying different vegetables and fruits to keep the variety going and to also make sure that you do not end up getting bored. However, if you have certain health issues, then consult your doctor as to which vegetables and fruits are ok for you to include in your diet.


Basically, grains include things like rice, oats, wheat and cornmeal as well. Including grains is also a good way to go. Consult your doctor or nutritionist as to what portion of grains need to be included in your diet to make it more fulfilling and healthy for you.

Calcium-Rich Foods:

Typically the consumption of various dairy products helps you fulfil your quota of calcium through your diet. However, even vegans and women with lactose intolerance can easily get the required need of calcium through other sources like green veggies, soy milk and the likes. Remember to consult your doctor or dietician for the same.

Lean Proteins:

Lean proteins are the way to go, so take your pick from low-fat meats and poultry and make switches between nuts, seeds, or beans so that boredom does not set in.

Nutrients that are important:

  • Folic Acid
  • Calcium
  • Iron
To make sure that the necessary nutrients are adequately included in your diet, have a talk with your doctor or dietician/nutritionist to come up with a concrete and doable diet plan that you will not end up cheating on!

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