How to throw the perfect baby shower

By: admin | 14 November 2023

How to throw the perfect baby shower

Baby showers are basically thrown the celebrate the to-be-mum and the child who is soon going to come into this world. Even though a baby shower can be thrown for the mum during any time of her pregnancy, what makes more sense is when it is thrown towards the end of it. Everyone knows that a mother to be needs to relax and feel looked after, and a baby shower is an ideal way of making her feel special and release some of the stress that she might be under. The baby shower ceremony also helps the to-be-parents to be able to collect gifts which certainly will come in handy in the near future once the little one arrives. But to throw the perfect baby shower, you need to keep certain things in mind:

Set a Date

Without setting a date in place, you can barely think about planning a celebration, can you? Deciding on a date will not only prove to be convenient for the guests, but it will also be easier for the mum to be! But whenever you do decide to keep the celebrations, also make sure that it is at a time when the momma will be able to keep up with the celebrations.

Guest List

Since baby showers are mostly planned by people who are close to the parents to be, like their parents, or close relatives or even close friends, one needs to know who all should be invited for the function and who all the parents would like to be invited as well. In case you are planning a surprise for the mum, it is a good idea to consult the father-to-be when it comes to including people in the guest list.


In this day and age, it has become particularly easy to reach people. From sending text invitations and emails to sending a message across on a social media platform to approaching in person, you have so many options via which you can invite people. So all you need to do is literally choose!

Fix A Budget

Fixing a budget is important since from here on out, you will be making decisions based on the budget you have. From the venue to the food and the sweets/cakes, everything will come under this, so you keep that in mind!


The type of food you serve can literally make or break a celebration, so make sure you are able to hire the best caterer in your budget. People might remember the celebrations but they will definitely remember the amazing food they serve.


When it comes to both the cake and the decorations, if you have decided upon a theme for the celebrations, you need to go forth with the cake and decoration decision accordingly.

Games and Gifts

No celebrations are complete without a few fun games and GIFTS! With a ton of options available in gifting and games both, you have a wide range to choose from! So go forth and splurge (within budget of course) So have fun while planning the party and make sure that the parents-to-be have fun too!

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