How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

By: admin | 14 November 2023

How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

Stretch marks are essentially red or purple streaks on your skin that more commonly appear on your skin during pregnancy. There are a few parts of your body in particular that they appear on. Like the stomach, thighs, and chest. However fret not, there are a few ways using which you can easily prevent the stretch marks from appearing.


Drinking enough water will ensure that your skin stays supple, soft and hydrated. Remember, the softer your skin, the lesser the chances of your skin developing stretch marks. It has also been proved that drinking caffeinated drinks might contribute to you developing stretch marks rather than doing the opposite. In case you cannot give up on your coffee intake, then remember to balance out your coffee intake with equal amounts of water and other non-caffeinated drinks like herbal teas.

Say yes to Vitamin C

We are sure that you must have heard that collagen is good for your skin, but did you know that vitamin c plays an important role in the development of collagen in your body. Collagen has also been proven to be extremely effective in lessening the appearance of wrinkles. Collagen has also been proven to effectively prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Keeping this in mind, remember to indulge in some vitamin c rich foods like oranges and lemons.

Sunlight is your best friends

Many studies that had been conducted have proved that by maintaining healthy levels of Vitamin D, one can easily reduce the risk of getting stretch marks. There is a very simple way of getting your daily dose of Vitamin D; Sun. Go out, sit in the sun for some time, and also indulge in some dairy products, since foods like yoghurt and milk too contain plenty of Vitamin D. Stretch marks usually do tend to fade away after some time, but preventive measures can also prove to be quite productive!

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