Common Problems of Breastfeeding and How to Tackle them

By: admin | 14 November 2023

Common Problems of Breastfeeding and How to Tackle them

Breastfeeding even under the best of situations can present challenges to new moms and babies. Breastfeeding complications can be painful and upsetting to a new mom, and they can make a baby become fussy and frustrated. Still breastfeeding is worth the effort as it provides important nutrients and helps in the growth and development of the baby. Here are some common breastfeeding problems and their solution:


Some babies latch on properly right from the start, but for some, it's not that easy. Improper latch is the most common breastfeeding issue. Improper latch makes baby fussy because of less milk and give moms sore nipples. To avoid this problem, you need to take a few precautions. Firstly, be stress-free and position yourself correctly. Breastfeed your baby if your arms, back, and shoulders are in proper position. Babies latch on best when they are silent, try to bring them close and make her latch gently. Second and the important thing is to check the baby’s position while feeding. You can choose any position according to the comfort but make sure that baby’s head and body are towards your breast. Baby should be close enough to avoid strain on her head or neck.

 A Low Breast Milk Supply

In the first few weeks, many mothers become uneasy about whether they are producing enough milk for babies. There's no handy method to amount the ounces going inside your baby so it's better to check the baby signals of whether he is getting enough milk or not. A low breast milk supply can be scary for a new mom but there's a solution to the inadequate amount of milk. Firstly, check with the doctor and learn about baby latch. Then nurse your baby more often as it helps in milk production. You can also use a breast pump to increase the milk supply. Last and the most important solution to low milk supply is healthy eating and stress-free living. Keep your baby at the breast for a longer time. Breastfeed at least 8 to 10 minutes on each side and try to keep your baby awake and active while feeding.

Acidity in Breastfeeding mother

Stress and anxiety, acidic food, caffeinated drinks can cause acidity or heartburn. Heartburn in nursing mothers mainly occurs if they breastfeed in the lying down position. Side lying position causes the stomach acid and makes new moms uncomfortable. You should make some healthy changes to avoid indigestion and acidity. Firstly, avoid feeding your baby in the side-lying position soon after meals. Drink plenty of water and avoid eating in haste. By learning about and understanding these common breastfeeding issues, you will be more ready to handle them and get through them positively.

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