Breastfeeding Tips From One Mom to Another

By: admin | 14 November 2023

Breastfeeding Tips From One Mom to Another

We all know that breastfeeding is good for baby's immune system and baby should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months. Breastfeeding may be natural but honestly it is equally difficult for the first time mothers. It is so difficult that some new moms just give up. The initial days of my mom life were full of ups and downs. Within the first weeks of breastfeeding, my nipples were sore and chapped. I dreaded every feeding session. Breastfeeding had become an ordeal for me. But with patience and time everything fell into place. I have shared few tips below that would help any new mother to be comfortable in this journey:

  • Trust your body and your instincts. Don't give in to the societal pressure of nursing your baby in the first few hours of his/her birth. If you are comfortable enough to sit independently, hold your baby and feed, only then go ahead
  • Getting that perfect feeding position takes time. Keep feeding your baby until you get that easy position
  • Latching baby properly is another thing that needs practice. See to it that your breasts are not covering baby's nostrils. Also, help baby to put complete nipple into his/her mouth instead of only the tip for that perfect latch
  • Don't be freaked out if you seem to be feeding constantly in the first few days, it will settle down a bit when your milk flow increases
  • Don't get stressed over the point whether baby is feeding well or not. If baby is wetting too many diapers, it’s the sign of being nursed well
  • Keep feeding your baby to have a steady milk flow. The more you feed the more will be the milk supply
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water
  • Keep moisturizing the nipples with simple stuff available in every kitchen like olive oil or home-made butter. You can also invest in a good quality nipple balm available in the market. There are plenty options now-a-days
  • Eat food that helps in increasing supply. Food items like green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, oatmeal, almonds, dill leaves, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, salmon etc. help in increasing milk supply
  • Stay away from food that is gaseous
  • Make sure you are burping baby after every feed session to avoid making babies colicky
  • Don't be afraid to breastfeed in public. Trust me it’s a big deal only for the first time. After that it’s going to be very easy to feed anywhere on demand
  • Invest in a good nursing cover; it is going to be your companion for the next two years
  • Do not over spend on nursing tops or dresses. Lifting your top and feeding is much easier and provides more cover than nursing tops
  • Don't hesitate to ask for help, people love to extend a helping hand to new moms
  • If you have too much milk then you might need to make sure you are draining the breasts by feeding regularly (or pumping, although this can bring in even more milk), otherwise you can end up with a blocked duct or mastitis. If you feel engorged then you need to feed or pump to relieve the pressure.
  • “Sleep when baby sleeps” is a great theory but very hard to put into practice. But if you can have at least one nap a day with your baby, you will feel a lot better
  • And lastly, do not worry if you are not lactating enough. Consult your pediatrician and formula feed your baby. Nothing matters more than your baby and only you can understand what is best for him/her

Do share your tips on breastfeeding in the comments below!

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