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the closest friend of your baby?

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Hello there!
It's me Poko-Chan and I love babies

I love and cherish them just as much as you do to your little one. After all, I am only a reflection of your love for your baby, and I will care for the adorable one in your absence.

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For me, seeing you and your baby happy is the most amazing feeling.

That's why I've got a couple of songs and dance moves up my sleeve to soothe your little one.
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I am from Japan, but I love every baby around the world.

I am known around the world for taking care of kids and making sure they grow up healthy. I'm always energetic, happy, and committed to keeping newborns well.

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Let’s get to know about My Birth Story

It's an interesting story about how my origin and how my life revolves around babies and their mothers. Take a look and you will know why I care for children so much.

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Who named me Poko-Chan?

My Nana-Chan named me Poko-Chan on my birthday.

When is my birthday?

Every year on 7th of July.

How tall am I?

I am about the height of a baby.

What is my origin?

I am from Japan.

What do I like to do?

I enjoy comforting babies, singing, and dancing on the clouds. I understand and speak baby language.

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