Things to know when taking care of a premature baby

There are 2 essential things for survival- breathing and feeding. The child will be discharged home when respiration is normal and child has no discomfort in terms of breathing. We need to take care of next essential thing which is feeding.


We need to feed every 2.5 hours by the clock or earlier if child wants it. There is no maximum limit as to the amount of feed, therefore, whatever amount child wants need to be given. Burping is essential with a pre-term baby and I would recommend reclined position for lying down, as preterm kids tend to have more of gastro-esophageal reflux as compared to term kids. Breast feeding is ideal but if you have to top up prefer pre term formula till weight achieves 2.5 kg.


Preterm kids have less of immunity as compared to term kids therefore, anyone in the family if suffering from any respiratory tract infection or are contagious with any other infection should not handle the child. Preterm kids cannot maintain temperature on their own so we need to help them maintain by providing adequate layers of clothes. You can maximally add 1 more layer than mother needs. We also need to take care of timely immunisation so as to take care of preventable illnesses.

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