Some Things to Keep Ready Before Baby’s Bath

It seems like it was just yesterday when I had given a bath to my baby for the first time. I was anxious, worried and scared like crazy. I badly wanted someone else to take care of this major responsibility of bathing my child. However, I knew it was inevitable and I had to do it someday. This is how I began my journey of squeals, laughter, giggles, cooing with my baby and a bond that will last forever.

Bathing time is yet another opportunity for a parent to bond with their child. All the cooing, giggling and laughing make us, parents, childlike too. I always considered bath time to be the most intimate moment spent with my child and yes – quality time too. It is one of the perfect times to relax and bond with your bundle of joy.  For some, this might sound like a daunting and worrisome task wherein they are scared that the baby might slip from their hands. Well, the answer to all that is to be prepared and ready with all the necessary bathing essentials.

Before you stop reading the article and start turning on that water for your child at home, read on and make sure you have everything you would need for safe and fun-filled splash time with your little one! From cleverly designed bathtubs, soaps, shampoos, bathing robes and diapers to skin care products – we have covered it all to make sure that bath times will always be fun with these top 8 bathing essentials.

Skin Care Products

Skin so soft and supple – it brings a smile on our face when we think of that feather-like skin of our child. In order to protect this satiny soft skin of your baby against harsh chemicals make a skin care kit that is chemical free and doesn’t affect the soft skin of your child. You could add organic lotions, oils, powders and other products to the kitty and keep it handy to use immediately after the bath.

Bath Time Essentials

Shampoos and soaps are the two items that are must-haves for the bath time. Ensure that both these products are tear proof and don’t hurt the sensitive eyes of your skin. Go for brands that have products with mild fragrance and don’t irritate the sensitive nasal passage of your baby.


Immediately after bathing your bundle of joy you would need a perfectly fitted diaper to keep him dry and comfortable. When you use the soft and absorbent diapers, rashes are a rare occurrence. However, it’s a good habit to keep a diaper rash cream handy.

Bath Tub

These little munchkins tend to slip during bath time. Buying an anti-skid bathing tub or keeping a thick towel in the sink to avoid baby slipping is recommended. There are many varieties of bathtubs available in the market – buy one that is suitable for baby and is made of non-toxic material.

Baby Robe/Towel

Once you are done with bathing I am sure you would want to cuddle your baby in your. How about adding a nice fluffy towel to your kit? Keep it handy to avoid your baby catching a cold and losing moisture due to the exposure to water.

Bath Toys

A baby squealing and splashing in water is too cute a sight, but do you know bathing stimulates child’s development too?  Make sure to include some cute looking bath toys in a variety of colours and shapes and introduce learning and identification of colours from an early age.


In the initial days after the birth of the baby, the skin is too soft to be rubbed too much. Muslin wash clothes, used to rub the baby’s body, are the perfect bath time accessories. They are super soft on baby’s skin and durable so you can use them for a long time. Ensure that these muslin cloths are part of your bathing essentials and kept ready for a fun-filled splash time.

Baby Clothes

Once you have moisturized and powdered the baby, make them wear soft and breathable clothes that would keep them warm and comfortable. Do not over dress them if it’s too hot.

Bathing a baby can get overwhelming. One needs to be careful to not harm the baby during bathing time. Ensure you keep bathing essentials ready beforehand to avoid leaving the baby alone in order to find them later. I am sure that your love and affection for the child can help you in this endeavor. Hope you loved reading about these bathing essentials. Do keep this ready and see your child turn into a water baby who would enjoy bath-time to the fullest.

Let us know your experience when you began bathing your baby and do share a list of bathing essentials you kept handy for your child.

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