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Common toddler skin ailments & home remedies

Alternative Text By: Deepali Soam | October 22, 2018

Your kid’s skin is a safeguard from the world around him. Their skin is soft and needs lots of care and attention. Children can experience small or big skin issues anytime. They can get a variety of skin problems from diaper rash, bug bites, dry skin, sunburn etc. It is stressful to see your child’s skin in this condition – dry, itchy patches, rashes etc.

Fortunately, few skin conditions are treatable and can be cured with simple remedies. Here I am putting down some common toddler skin ailments and their easy remedies.


Eczema is also known as Atopic Dermatitis. It is a chronic skin condition. This condition arises when skin is not able to keep moisture in and irritants away. This condition makes skin dry, inflamed and itchy.

In toddlers, eczema can get worse in elbow creases and behind the knees, you may find your child scratching badly. It gets worse during winters and with sweat in summers.

Remedies to treat Eczema

Eczema is very painful, and the itch can irritate your child during the day and keep him/her up during the night. It does look like a normal patch but scratch can make it worse. It’s very important to keep your child’s skin moisturized. Bathe him, pat his skin and then apply moisturizer on the damp skin. There are innumerable lotions or ointments available in the market. Choose the best and affordable one for liberal use.

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is also known as Contact eczema. It appears when skin comes in contact with an allergen. It looks similar to eczema with red, itchy skin but is more localized. Probable irritants include detergent or even a kid’s own saliva. The rash naturally lasts as long as the trigger is present, but a severe problem may need some help.

Remedies to treat Contact dermatitis

Search and remove the trigger firstly. According to the irritants further steps can be taken to cure eczema. If your child has rashes all over his body then avoid harsh detergents.

Heat rash

Heat rash, prickly heat, sweat rash—these are few skin problems which occurs when skin doesn’t get proper ventilation and it gets upset due to heat. Sweat gets stuck underneath the skin causing red or bumpy skin. This may occur during winters if you wrap your child in too many clothes

Remedies to treat heat rash

Heat rash can go away on its own in a day or two. It isn’t serious and can be cured with a light dressing.

Chapped skin

Chapped skin is common during winters. It’s basically scaly, red and irritated skin. When the child’s face and hands are exposed to the cold, wind or frequent washing then it leads to dry and sore skin.

Chapped skin is red and scaly but isn’t typically itchy. The skin may feel tight, peel or crack, and in some cases may bleed.

Remedies to treat chapped skin

In this case, Prevention is better than cure. Apply moisturizer in the morning and a little more on the affected area. Ask kids to moisturize their hands after wash. Redness clears up after few days

Numerous skin problems can be treated with simple home remedies. Relief should be effective and it doesn’t need to be expensive. Hope these remedies help to soothe your child.

However, if the problems still persist, consult your paediatrician without delay.

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