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5 Reasons why you should use MamyPoko Pants for your baby

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | November 22, 2021

When you bring your little one into the world, there are many things running through your mind but most of all it’s a sense of absolute love and happiness. Then comes the time for making plenty of decisions – from choosing the right position to feed to choosing the right essentials for the baby. Choosing the right diapers for your baby is also deemed as an important and big one as the wrong ones can lead to rashes and redness, thus making your baby fussy. So why not make that decision a tad bit easier and help you decide on one that can keep your baby comfortable and keep your mind at ease? Here’s why you should choose MamyPoko Pants for your baby!

Navel care shape

In the initial stage, every new mother fusses over the umbilical cord stump as this needs extra attention and care. The MamyPoko newborn diapers come with a specially designed navel cut feature that keeps the stump protected at all times. So your baby can enjoy peaceful naps, comfortable fit and superior absorption even in their diapers!

Diapers for every stage

With a wide range of diapers for every age, MamyPoko Pants offer a choice of diapers for every stage of your baby’s diaper days. Even if you have a preemie baby, MamyPoko offers Preemie diapers, designed for premature babies up to 1.5 Kg of weight. They also have a Newborn Mini diaper that is designed for the teeny tiny newborns and comes with a wetness indicator to indicate the time for a diaper change. From their first days to their toddler stage where they can comfortably use MamyPoko Pants XXXL, when you choose MamyPoko diapers, you choose a trustworthy name that will suffice from day 1 to the time your toddler is potty-trained!

Absorbent diapers

MamyPoko Pants have superior absorption that keeps your baby’s skin dry and keeps them comfortable, for long hours at a stretch. The crisscross absorbent sheets easily absorb the urine and prevent heaviness and leakage. Depending on your baby’s age and individual needs, the diapers can offer up to 12 hours of absorption. The Extra Absorb diapers with a breathable cotton like cover also absorb more while keeping your baby dry. This ensures that your baby gets a good night’s rest thus leading to happier mornings and healthier growth.

Soft on sensitive skin

Another cause of concern for new mothers – choosing anything that will come in close contact with their baby’s sensitive skin. However, MamyPoko Pants are specially designed to be gentle on your baby’s skin, thus preventing rashes, itchiness and redness. The Preemie and MamyPoko New Born Mini have an air-silky sheet that is gentle on your baby’s skin while absorbing the urine completely. Moreover, the fit of the diapers ensure superior absorption and prevent wetness, which is the primary cause of fussiness and skin problems in babies.

Superior fit for added comfort

MamyPoko Pants have stretchable fit and self-fit gathers, thus ensuring a snug fit on your baby’s bottom. This helps prevent leakage and leakage of stool from the back, thus absorbing it all inside the diaper. The all-around elastic wide band (on baby diapers) sits comfortably on the baby’s waist, thus preventing diaper marks and redness on the tummy. The stretchable thigh support and soft leg gathers also make movement easier for babies who have started crawling or walking. This also ensures that the diaper stays in place even at night, thus being more absorbent and leading to a good night’s sleep.

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