Hi, This is

where you get to know me better.

Are you ready to meet me - the closest friend of your baby? My name is Poko Chan and I love babies - you could even say that I love them as much as you love your little one. After all, I am an avatar of your love for your baby and I will take care of the cute one in your absence. Seeing you and your baby happy is the best thing for me. Which is why I also have a few songs and dance routines up my sleeve to soothe your baby.

I am known around the world for looking after the healthy growth of kids all around. I am energetic , cheerful and dedicated to my objective of the health of the babies.

I am from Japan but I love babies around the world.

Now it's Time to know about My Birth Story

It's an interesting story about how I came into being and how my life revolves around babies and their mothers. Take a look and you will know why I care for children so much.

Birth Story of PokoChan

How did my name come into being?

My name, Poko-Chan was kept by Nana-Chan on her birthday.

How tall am I?

I am slightly smaller than a baby in height.

What is my birth date?

I was born on the 7th of July.

What is my origin?

I am Japanese in origin

What do I like doing?

I love to comfort babies, sing, dance in the clouds. I am also able to understand a baby’s language and can speak every language in the world.