MamyPoko Pants
Extra Absorb

Deep Absorption, Deep Sleep

* Vs Our old diaper as per clinical study by 3rd party agency.
MamyPoko Pants for Extra Absorbency

MamyPoko Pants

Extra Absorb

4.8/5 Rating

mamypoko pants extra absorb large 64pack
extra absorb large 64 pack
extra absorb large 64 pack
mamypoko pants extra absorb large 64pack
MamyPoko Extra Absorb Diapers for Babies

Product Description

The New MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb is the best absorbent pants ever in history of MamyPoko Pants with Upto 60% Deep Absorbent Crisscrosswhich gives 2X Protection for Thigh Leak and ensures deep sleep for both babies and moms.

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Large (9-14 Kg)
64 Packs

₹ 1399

Product Features

Comfortable Fit: MamyPoko Pants M Size
Stay Dry with MamyPoko's Absorbant Crisscross Design

Upto 60% Deep
Absorbent Crisscross

The additional 3rd layer deeply absorbs urine for up to 12 hours, preventing wetness on the top sheet and leaks without becoming soggy

* Basis internal research Vs our previous diaper range. Each glass contains 30ml liquid for S size diaper
MamyPoko Diapers with Dual Protection

2X Protection for
Thigh Leak

The 'Innovative Flexi Fit' adjusts gently and spreads the pressure evenly on baby's tummy and back, giving some extra protection against thigh leaks

* Basis internal research Vs our previous diaper range
Best Baby Diapers with Skin-Friendly Sheet


The surface of the top sheet is enriched with goodness of coconut extract

Prevent Sogginess with MamyPoko Large Pants

Prevent Sogginess

Urine spreads evenly throughout the diaper, so it does not look heavy

Infant Diapers with Flexi Fit Waistband

Innovative Flexi Fit Waistband

The cotton-like soft waistband leaves no red marks on baby's sensitive skin while holding the diaper in place even after it has been soiled

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How To Use MamyPoko Pants?

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Easy to Wear: MamyPoko Large Diaper Pants
How To Wear?

Pull the diaper up, like pants

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MamyPoko Easy-Remove Baby Diaper Pants
How To Remove?

Simply tear off both the sides and pull the diaper down

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Refresh and Cleanse with MamyPoko Wipes
How to clean?

Enjoy effortless wiping with MamyPoko Extra Clean Wipes

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MamyPoko Large Extra Absorb Pants

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