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Is your child still learning to use the toilet? Does bed wetting spoil your child’s precious sleep?

Put an end to all your worries and gift your child the comfort and special care during his/her growing years. Introducing, MamyPoko Pants XXXL, specially designed to meet your growing child’s needs. With an improved absorbency core, it soaks up to 7 glasses and keeps your baby dry all night. Now let your child wake up to happier mornings.

How to use MamyPoko Pants?

Step 1

How to wear?

Pull the diaper up, like pants

Step 2

How to remove?

Simply tear off both the sides and pull the diaper down

Step 3

How to clean?

Enjoy effortless wiping with unique one touch box

All-Round elastic wide band

It is easy to fit, gentle on skin and its breathable material keeps the child fresh and comfortable.

Maxi-Absorbent Core

Quickly absorbs upto 7 glasses and gives your child long lasting dryness.

50% extra widespread crisscross sheet

50% extra widespread crisscross sheet


Absorbs urine +30% more quickly and repeatedly

Absorbs urine +30% more quickly and repeatedly


Soft leg gathers

Fits comfortably and prevents leakage.

High absorption for good night sleep

Overnight leakage protection, which gives your child the freedom from bed wetting.

Lasts for upto 12 hours

Lasts for upto 12 hours


Customer Reviews for

MamyPoko Pants XXXL

Mothers sate

Sonika Hans

19 May ,2020

Its best for my daughter ... she is 10 n a patient of cerebral palasy ..earlier was using other brand was upto xxl size only ,which gave rashes to my baby.. so 2 yrs back i started using mamy poko pants xxxl since then am using this for her n am fully sated ... thanks to mamy poko.. i highly recommend this pdt. Not only xxxl but to the beginners too..

Nice Mamy Poko


21 Feb ,2018

the product very good. i liked it. buy product. nice. very amazing for small babies



15 Feb ,2018

It's very amazing product for my baby. Thank you Mamy poko. You guys are the best compare to other diaper company. Best wishes.



15 Dec ,2017

Excellent product

Best Product!!!!!!!

Date : 10 Jan, 2018 Replied By : MamyPoko
MamyPoko Size Chart and Baby Growth Stages

New parents have to make a lot many decisions when a child is born. Choosing the right kind of newborn baby diapers is an important decision because a superior-quality diaper keeps the child safe from rashes. A perfect nappy keeps the baby's skin dry and also nourishes the skin.

Newborn's skin is soft and because of this mothers should not decide on the quality, comfort and absorbency level just by looking at the packing of the nappies but only after using it once. Another point of consideration is that the diaper brands are numerous in the market and choosing the best one for babies can become confusing for parents. Let's have a look at the major points parents should consider for deciding the perfect diaper for babies:


Absorbency is one such trait which should be considered by parents while purchasing diapers for their babies. This feature means that the diaper is able to hold the liquid for a long time-- along with spreading it evenly in order to avoid sagginess. A diaper with good absorbing power will soak all the moisture from the baby's skin. A diaper with poor absorbency creates dampness which can cause rashes also. Mothers should observe the capacity of napkins and should also make sure that the urine does not get collected at one point which can lead to heaviness.

Proper Fitting

The right size of a diaper depends upon the size of your newborn and also on the rate of his growth. Different brands have different sizes for babies belonging to different age groups. Parents should make sure that the diaper fits well without leading to leakages and dampness. There are diapers for newborns available in the market which provide strong thigh support in order to avoid leakages. Mothers should ensure that there is less gap in between the legs of the infant when he/she is wearing the diaper.


Babies should feel comfortable in the nappies being worn by them. Mothers should ensure that they are made of a soft material and do not create rashes on the tot's skin. Babies can feel irritated because of the poor quality of nappies and start feeling itchy. The waistband of the diaper should be soft so that there are no marks and rashes on the skin. Parents should purchase newborn diapers which have are U-shaped from the front so that the umbilical cord remains uncovered. The inner material of the infant's skin should be soft so that the skin remains gentle.

Overall, a baby's nappy should allow free movement to babies. Breathability is also an important factor because improper ventilation can lead to irritation on the skin. Price is also a factor that should be considered as one should not spend money on expensive nappies. Parents should buy diapers from those brands which provide budget-friendly products and focus on the hygiene of the newborn. One can buy baby diapers of their most-preferred brand online as well as offline.

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