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mamypoko pants standard extra large 24pack
MamyPoko Standard Pants - Reliable Comfort

Product Description

Diapers are gradually becoming an essential need for babies, and thus, we present for you and your baby with MamyPoko Pants Standard. It is the market's cost-effective pant-style diaper, powered by Japanese technology, and can Last Upto 10 Hours with a Crisscross Absorbent Sheet.

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X-Large (12-17 Kg)
24 Packs

MRP: ₹ 399.00 Incl.of all taxes

Usable Diapers Size: 200mm X 175mm

Product Features

Comfortable Fit: MamyPoko Pants M Size
MamyPoko Standard with Crisscross Absorbent Sheet

Crisscross Absorbent Sheet

An absorbent sheet that aids in the even spread of urine

Upto 10 Hrs Protection with MamyPoko Pants Standard

Upto 10 Hours Protection

Provide upto 10 hours of absorbency for your baby's peaceful sleep

* The hours will vary as per a baby's urine amount
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Easy to Wear & Remove

A pant-style diaper that is easy to wear and remove anywhere, anytime

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How to put on Standard?

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How to wear?

Pull the diaper up like a pair of pants

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Easy-to-Remove Diaper by MamyPoko in M size
How to remove?

Simply tear off both sides and pull the diaper down

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Soft Touch with MamyPoko Baby Skin Care Wipes
How to clean?

Enjoy effortless wiping with the MamyPoko Extra Clean Wipes

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MamyPoko Large Extra Absorb Pants

Product Videos

Engaging and informative television commercials (TVC) highlighting the simplicity and effectiveness of our pant-style diaper for infants and toddlers, providing parents with a look into a stress-free parenting experience.

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Embrace Comfort with Mamy Poko Standard Diapers

When it comes to keeping your baby dry and comfortable, MamyPoko Pants Standard is among the top choices for cost-by-performance diapers in this category. Known for their reliability and innovative design, these diapers provide your little one with the care and comfort they deserve.

Our Standard pant style diapers ensure a perfect fit and high absorption capacity, making them one of the best affordable diapers in India. As a parent, finding the best diapers for babies is crucial, and these diaper pants offer the convenience and protection your baby needs.

For those looking to buy baby diapers online, Mamy Poko Pants diapers are a top choice among baby diaper brands.

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