MamyPoko Special Diaper


Specially for Up to 1.5 kg for Pre-Mature Baby

Make your new born baby comfortable and happy by choosing the right style of diaper.

India's First

special care Diaper

The Premature babies require special care in NICU. In most hospitals doctors and nurses adjust the conventional diapers on premature babies which are too big in size and leave marks on the sensitive skin and are hence uncomfortable for the baby.

India's First


The smallest diaper from MamyPoko with a special design and soft material for the baby. It is of themost appropriate size based on medically-defined premature weight chart.

Available in 2 Sizes

Up to 1 kg 5S
Up to 1.5 kg 4S
Preemie Diaper

How to use

Step 1
Pull the leakage guards upright
Step 2
Do not fold the leakage guards outwards
Step 3
Adjust tape to fit baby's body
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About MamyPoko

We are a Diaper Brand with Premium Japanese Quality

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