Five tips to breeze through the first three months with a newborn

By: admin | 14 November 2023

Five tips to breeze through the first three months with a newborn

Having a baby for the first time is a moment of miracle for the parents. The happiness is beyond words and cannot be expressed. The joy one goes through, when they see their child for the first time is like witnessing God’s miracle. Once the baby is born, comes the toughest part for the new mother. She is in a dilemma between right and wrong, as she does not want to take chances that might harm the baby. But thankfully in this generation, we humans or I should say, we moms have become more open in expressing or questioning our doubts when it is baby related. Right, Mammies? The most crucial time is one, when the new parents are discharged from the hospital, with their bundle of joy. It is a time of confusion and can get quite overwhelming. I’m personally sharing my 5 tips that helped me breeze through the first three months with my newborn- Sleep pattern - It is necessary for a mom, to have a peaceful sleep cycle, so she stays happy and active throughout the day, because her mood swings will affect the newborn baby, and it will be easy for both of them to adjust if mother is well-rested. Like it’s always said sleep when the baby sleeps, but in the real picture, this is not at all possible, but it's always best to lock your room and spend some “baby and me” time by lying beside the baby or simply admiring the newborn. It will help in building a strong relationship with your kid. Accepting help from the others - The best way to keep yourself calm and happy is letting others help you with daily chores. Do not feel that you are not doing your duties. Take help from your husband or anyone to keep a check on the baby when you are sleeping. Ask for some me time, go out for a walk or talk to someone. Do not let emotions accumulate, speak to someone and let go. As new moms, we too go through a lot – both physically and emotionally and it is important to channelize all those feelings in a positive way. Don’t hesitate to use diapers for newborn - It helps a lot and makes life smoother for both baby and Mamy. We have come a long way from cloth nappies etc and now it’s easier than ever to find a comfy and well-fitted diaper for your little one. Ignore unsolicited advice - A new Mamy will get advice every minute from every visitor to the house, but you are the best judge for your baby, trust your instinct and remember no two babies are the same. Bonding with the baby - Keep yourself equipped with all the necessary items that the baby or you will require in the initial days. Do not panic in a situation, remember to take help and talk your heart out - this the best way for a fruitful motherhood. The first three months are the most challenging phase, no matter how much help you have or how prepared you think you are. Caring for a newborn certainly isn’t complicated, or rocket science, it just needs some time, love and adjustment with one other. Always remember, do what your doctor or heart says, enjoy the phase of motherhood and see how your baby is developing new interests every day.

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