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What Mothers Should eat during breastfeeding

Alternative Text By: Rahul Makkar | February 20, 2019

Nursing your baby can sometimes be hard work, but what It also requires is that you are healthy and are fulfilling your nutritional needs. The healthier you are, the healthier your baby will be. This is the reason that a proper diet needs to be followed during pregnancy.

A few foods in particular can help brilliantly in energize you and to feed your baby. Making these foods a regular part of your diet will and truly prove to be very important and beneficial for you and your child as well.


  • Salmon just might be the miracle food you need during breastfeeding
  • Since salmon contains DHA, a type of fat that is particularly important for babies as it helps their nervous system develop, it is one of the many foods that women need to consume when breastfeeding.
  • Despite the fact that the breast milk already has DHA, the amount of DHA in the breastmilk may not be enough.
  • The right diet helps one get more DHA and increasing their DHA levels in the body thus making sure that you also stay away from mood swings


  • Low-Fat dairy products could pretty much be your go-to deed at this moment.
  • Yoghurt is able to give your  bones the much needed Vitamin D that helps, to a great extent, in strengthening bones.
  • Apart from this, dairy products are obviously filled with calcium, which in turn gets absorbed by your breast milk and passed on to your baby.
  • The calcium helps your baby’s bone develop


  • Iron rich foods like beans, especially the ones that are darker in colour like kidney beans (rajma) and black beans are very healthy for breastfeeding mothers
  • They come in handy, particularly for vegetarians as they are one the few budget-friendly, food source that are also high in proteins, not derived from animals


  • The best part about oranges, apart from the obvious health benefits the have to offer is that they are beautifully portable too
  • Oranges have been known to boost energy and is also an excellent source of Vitamin C, a nutrient which nursing mothers are much in need of when compared to pregnant women.

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