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Pregnancy and Motherhood

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | January 20, 2023

10 Self-care Resolutions Every Mother Should Make in 2023


Resolutions are a great way to make better choices in life. Moms play multiple roles in their lives. They are confidantes, last-minute-homework-doer, friends, therapists, tutors, personal storytellers, chefs, nutritionists, and whatnot. While playing all these roles, you forget yourself. Mothers are the most selfless creatures on this planet. The amount of patience, strength, and affection it requires to raise a kid is beyond anyone’s comprehension. It is said that “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” This is true in the case of moms all across the globe. This year make a resolution to be kind to yourself and keep your cup full.

This year take a pledge to keep your cups full of self-love. For more self-care solutions, check out this carefully curated list.

10 Self-care resolutions every mother should make in 2023

1. The non-negotiable “me time.”

Being a mother is a 24*7 job. The chores and family keep you wrapped up all day. You hardly get any time for yourself. This year make a resolution to steal “me time” from 24 hours. Make this resolution non-negotiable. No matter how busy your day looks ahead, you will find some peace and quiet for yourself. Most mothers say those early morning hours when the kids are asleep and the hubby is in his dreamland is when they find time to put their feet up and enjoy their coffee in peace. You are free to use this trick for yourself. Call it the calm before the storm.

2. Break time

Do you as a mom, place considerably higher expectations on your tiny self than you do on others? It’s easy to set unrealistic expectations for oneself, especially considering all of the current duties and commitments as a mother. Life is complicated enough without the burden of expecting greatness from yourself. Give yourself a break. Make it your mission in 2023 to cut yourself some slack. Allow yourself the same tolerance and encouragement you provide your kids and close ones.

3. Speak to yourself nicely

We can be our harshest critics. Moms are kind to their kids. They never yell or say heartbreaking things to their little ones. But they forget to apply the same care and affection to them. They break themselves apart for the tiniest of mistakes. In 2023, mamas! You are not letting that happen. Make it a resolution to speak to yourself as you would speak to a gentle kid. As they say, “You are your own best friend and you are your own worst enemy.” Be your best friend and be kind to yourself.

4. Treat yourself

Motherhood is one of the most difficult endeavours in the world. You regularly treat your little one to their favourite ice cream but forget to do the same for yourself. Let 2023 be the year you are taking yourself out for a treat. In fact, you do not have to step out for it. You can treat yourself in so many ways. Finish the book you have been reading for the past year or make yourself a hot cup of masala chai. Indulging in harmless gossip after a tiring day is a form of self-care as well.

5. Have a sleeping schedule

Sleep is the most important element in self-care. You need to prioritize your sleep. Many studies have shown that women need atleast 7-8 hours of sleep daily for better functioning. We understand it isn’t easy to even get a shut-eye on some days, but this is where a new year’s resolution can help you. Make a resolution to sleep early so that you can wake up feeling energized. Lights off! It’s time to sleep.

6. Less screen time

This resolution is not just for you but for your kids as well. You can start with a simple rule- no phones on the dining table. Make sure when your kids are having their meals, their eyes are not glued to the screens. Do the same for yourself. Spend less time looking down at your smartphone. This will do wonders for your mental health. Try to be more present this year.

7. Let your creative side come out

All of us are creative people in some way or the other. We know you have a creative bone in you hidden somewhere. Maybe you liked to paint but stopped after having babies. Or perhaps you are a trained Bharatnatyam dancer but do not practice as often as you used to. Allowing yourself to be creative is a form of self-care. You can include your kid in this resolution as well. Set aside an hour where you and your kid will create something. It will be a great bonding experience as well.

8. Skincare is self-care

A woman’s body goes through numerous changes after giving birth. Collagen production starts to decline, and the bones get weaker. This is the time to show extra love to your skin and body. Develop a night-time skincare routine. Treat this time as “me time” and enjoy every step of your skin care regimen. You will start seeing visible results within a week or two. 2023 is the year of your best skin ever. You do not have to splurge on expensive skin care products. Start with a gentle cleanser and moisturizer and build your way up.

9. Move your body

A woman’s body is a magnificent piece of art. It is capable of bringing new life into this world. How incredible is that! Keep your body active. If a gym membership feels like a waste of money, go for daily walks in your nearby park. Make a resolution in 2023 to stay more active than you were the last year. Start small but start from somewhere. Start with a 5-minute walk or 10 jumping ropes. Exercise also releases an enzyme called dopamine that makes you feel happy. It’s a win-win.

10. Sunlight is your best friend

Do you know that sunlight is believed to have medicinal properties in Ayurveda? That’s right. It nourishes your body with the essential vitamin D required and keeps your nervous system in shape. In short, it keeps you happy and disease free.

Try to take at least 15 minutes of sunlight every day. And we are not talking about sitting in the harsh sun. We are talking about bathing in the sunlight when the sun is just rising or setting. If you are stepping out in the sun, make sure you are wearing sunscreen.

On the days when you feel depressed or agitated, step out in the sun and let the rays cleanse all the negative energy stored in your body.

Final Thoughts

Motherhood is a challenging but rewarding journey. But do not forget that you are a human too. You need to give yourself all the love to yourself as well that you provide to your kids.

Your happiness is your responsibility. Everything else will fall into place. A happy mom can bring positive energy to her family. So, make sure you make 2023 your year where you do something for you the individual. You will find it more rewarding than anything else you have done before. Be selfish first so that you can be selfless later.

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