Sweet & Simple Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We are sure that you extremely thrilled though slightly nervous thinking about how you are going to announce the news to your family and friends! Well, we just might have you covered on that front!

Here are a few extremely simple and sweet things that you can do to break this wonderful news to your loved ones:

A Delight for their ears

How about you send your parents and friends a recording of your baby’s heartbeat from that time you first made your trip to your doctor and were able to hear your baby’s heart beating? Made you emotional didn’t’ it, to think that a mere 9 months from now, you would be holding your very own cherub?

Well, we are sure even your loved ones would be overwhelmed. But in case you think they might not understand the context, you could always add a note to the recording with a cute and mysterious message like “only nine months to go now”! We are sure that that will DEFINITELY seal the deal with your loved ones!

Write it on a tee

Everyone loves gifts right? Who could possibly say no to them? So why not use that very opportunity and gift your loved ones something they will never forget; an amazing news! Now here comes the tricky part.

IN order to make this announcement memorable, you will have to think about something creative to print on the tshirt! Something on lines of I’m going to be a Grandma/Grandpa to your parents or I’m going to be an aunt/uncle to your cousins/brothers/sisters could definitely work!

Make a Movie Poster

If you want to get really creative with your announcement, we highly recommend this method! You remember all those movie posters that say “Coming Soon”? Well, why not make something like this and circulate that amongst your family and friends?

A simple background with the message “Coming Soon” then the due date and then the baby’s name (if you have decided on any) and then maybe add in that photo of your pregnancy test! We are quite sure that the message would be heard loud and clear!

The way you decide to go about announcing your pregnancy would really be something that every one of your loved ones will remember and appreciate you for! And when they do hear the news, they would be as ecstatic as you! Isn’t that what you want after all?

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