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Cool Ideas to Announce Pregnancy to Partner

Alternative Text By: Pallavi Gunni | September 3, 2018

Let me tell you – The idea of announcing your pregnancy to your partner is not at all filmy like in real life, quoting “we are pregnant” and the excitement begins. There is a big difference in reel and real life. The first part for one is to actually find out – are you really pregnant, before making the formal announcement. To make sure that you are expecting, you need to do a few tests. As per my experience blood test is the best and safest method to detect whether you are pregnant or not.

I know all the would-be-moms are super excited and are looking for ways how to announce their pregnancy. One should always remember to keep the announcement small and to the point because most of the times men do not understand between the lines.

Let’s check some quirky ideas that one can share with the husband:

Use an Ultrasound picture

Message him with an ultra sound picture available online and tell him, that you are expecting, I’m sure he’ll run back to you, the very moment he reads it.

Plan a dinner/lunch date

Message him, stating it’s a dinner date for three, you me and our super hungry baby. Reservation is on time as the baby is excited to have a meal with you.

The traditional way

You can get a ribbon and a bow and tie it on your tummy with a note saying we are pregnant.

Surprise him with a present, gift him t-shirt or hanky saying

World’s best daddy, I love my daddy, waiting to meet the best dad ever and so on. Your husband will definitely be overwhelmed with emotions.

Let the pet do the talking

If you have a pet at home, just tie a note on his collar before your hubby is home, saying mama is pregnant. He will surely forget all his work stress and will hug you tight.

Decorate your bedroom with some baby stuff

Like a crib, baby clothes and all. He will be amazed to see the decor and you can record his expression. (You can borrow baby stuff from your neighbour or friend for some time, as it won’t be a possible idea to buy everything initially)

Communicate with his favourite food

Be it simple a chapaati, while serving it, write I’m pregnant with the help of ketchup/chocolate syrup and see his reaction. You don’t have to be filmy all the time, buying cupcakes or dessert to share your pregnancy. Be creative, be you.

Tummy talk

Make a simple announcement by writing on your tummy 10% loading and let him guess the rest.

I have listed some of the best ways for you to share the announcement with your partner .You can keep it as simple as by whispering – I’m pregnant, it’s the feeling that counts.

As for me, my husband announced the good news, to me, saying I’m sure you are pregnant, go and do the test, and to my surprise, we are expecting. This is love or true bonding you can say. Do share your views on the same or how you announced it.

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