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Yoga For Losing Stubborn Fat After 2 Years Of Child Birth

Alternative Text By: Pradipta Sanghvi | January 24, 2019

For many moms, even after two years of childbirth it is tough to lose weight especially around the belly, buttocks and thighs. The reason simply is shift in priorities.  More attention paid to the growing child, absolutely no exercise, and a careless diet and a sedentary lifestyle results in fat accumulation. More the delay in getting into a routine, the harder it becomes to get rid of the fat. However not all is lost. One can depend on Yoga to help reduce stubborn fat.

Yoga is a holistic practice. By following a Satvic diet, managing stress, a good night’s rest and regular yoga workouts can get one back to a toned pre-pregnancy weight. A regular yoga practice can help lose weight and tone body completely including the stubborn weight mostly in the lower abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Surya Namaskar is a wonderful way to tone up the body. It is the only form of movement that has flexibility, a cardio and a strengthening component included.  One can hold the postures as in yogasanas, work it as a breathing exercise in Vinyasa or perform at a comfortable speed in sync with the breath.

The strengthening sequence where you use your own body weight like plank, Ashtanga Namaskar, Ugrava Bhujangasana and Parvat asana can help tone the abdomen. To help feel the core muscles, focus on breath, observing the effect on the back and around the navel on inhalations and exhalations.  

The lunges in suryanamaskar can help tone upper body and the shoulders.

The forward bend compresses the abdomen, toning up the digestive functions, stretches the back of the legs toning the hamstrings and the calf muscles.

Asanas such as Pavan Muktasan helps strengthen the back as well as abdominal muscles. Helps aid digestion and release of gaseous accumulation in the digestive system.

Dhanurasan and Bhujangasan, Navkasan, Dolphin and plank poses are some of the asanas that can tone the abdomen and help remove belly fat, and tone up arms thighs and shoulders.

Kapala Bhati, deep abdominal breathing, Surya anulom vilom  followed by alternate nostril breathing  and  Udiyana bandha also help in toning and losing weight.

Shavasan helps attain a deep meditative state of rest which can aid in the repair of the tissues by activating body’s healing mechanism.

Moving from fat to flat requires a dedicated effort. There are no shortcuts. A regular fitness routine and a proper diet can help move towards the goal.

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