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Precautions to take post a C-Section Delivery

Alternative Text By: Rahul Makkar | December 24, 2018

The process of delivering a baby, though having the most beautiful result, can sometimes take its toll on the mother’s health. This can be especially true in case of a C-Section delivery. When compared to a normal delivery, i.e. a vaginal delivery, the time it takes for the body to heal post a C-section is longer.

Keeping this in mind, here are a few precautions and tips we want to list down below.

Take care of your body

Post a C-Section delivery, you have to take extra care about how you go around doing your daily chores without putting too much pressure on your healing body. Try to avoid climbing and going down the stairs as much as you can.

Also keeping things you need more often close to you will help you not move around too much like bottled water, your medications, the diaper changing supplies and the likes. Also, do not think of lifting any kind of weight, apart from your little one when need be.

Remember to hold your stomach around the incision when you are sneezing or coughing. These precautions need to be kept in mind for atleast 8 weeks post your surgery as that is how long it takes for your body to heal properly.

Nourish It

The right nutrition is of the utmost important, be it whether it is prenatal nutrition, during your pregnancy, or post-delivery. You see, the proper nutrition can literally help heal your body faster and more effectively.

You also have to remember that now that you are breastfeeding, you need to meet the nutritional needs accordingly. As you are the sole source of nutrition for your baby, you need to keep yourself well nourished.


Getting rest is of utmost importance especially when you have gone through a surgery like the C-Section for the delivery of your baby. It is normal for your doctor to ask you to stay in the hospital for atleast 3-4 post your surgery, as during this time, your body will kickstart the healing process.

We know that this can be particularly difficult once you are home since staying in bed all the while when you have a baby to look after does require its fair share of running around. So try to take rest whenever your little one is sleeping.

Remember, if you are in pain, consult your doctor, and if need be, ask him to provide you with a painkiller that is safe for both you and the baby during breastfeeding.

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