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How to find out that you are ready for another child or not

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | August 18, 2021

The decision to have a child after already having given birth is a paramount one and as such should be thought through. There are many factors to consider when deciding to have another baby and all of the pros and cons should be weighed in – after all it’s a decision that will decide the course of your life and also affect the older kid or kids. So how do you know when you’re ready for another baby? Well, there are some questions to ask yourself and your partner that can help you determine whether you’re ready for the next step. Let’s take a look!

Why do you want another baby?

The most important question of all – why do you feel the need for another baby? When you have answered this one, the rest go almost seamlessly. Whether you’re watching people around you having multiple kids or your family asking you to have another baby – there’s never a stronger reason to have a baby than when you want one. You may actively feel the need for another baby, you want to share the love or you want your older child to have a sibling – your reasons are your own and should be good enough for you and your partner.

Did you talk?

No matter how long you have been married or how well you get along with each other – before you decide to have a baby, it’s crucial that you have the talk with your partner and ensure that both of you are on the same page. Before taking such an important decision, it’s important to ensure that you can still sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk about having a baby.

Is your body and mind ready?

Having a baby is not just a momentary decision – you have to nourish and grow the baby for nine months and also experience all the hormonal changes and body changes. It’s good to pause and ask yourself, if your body and mind are ready to do it again already? It’s also a good idea to check-in with your partner if they feel physically ready to tend to the needs of a newborn.

Have you planned your finances?

Once you have the answers to your body being ready for another child, it’s time to look at your financial planning. Having another baby, also means that you would be making extra expenses, which may also include upgrading to a bigger house. While you may still have many things from your older child, you will still need many things for your little one and it’s best to sit down with your partner and have the money talk.

Are the older kids independent?

Whether you have one kid or more, it’s always a good idea to ensure that they are somewhat self-dependent before having another baby. Having a baby, healing your body, looking after your newborn and also taking care of other kids, can be physically and mentally exhausting. You would only want to ensure that you give your very best to motherhood and this is one question to ensure the same. Your kid or kids can still need you but as long as they can self-soothe, play by themselves, use the toilet by themselves or eat by themselves, it’s a good step towards assessing their independence.

Are your older kid(s) ready for a sibling?

Last but not the least, it’s always good to check-in with the older kids if they are open to having a sibling. Sure, the kids do love the little ones after they arrive, but checking-in with them will allow you to understand if they are ready to be the older child or if they need more time. If they are too little to understand, you can observe them with other kids or younger cousins and see if they are taking well to being the older one.

We hope these questions can help you decide the next big step. All the best!

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