How to Bond with Partner Post Pregnancy

Congratulations on the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

It is a wonderful time and one that should be treasured. However, sleeplessness, being tired all the time, exhaustion, bodily changes etc. often make this time seem like a difficult one. And amidst these feelings and mood swings, couples sometimes bicker or get distant. It is a common occurrence that can be easily fixed. Keeping the romance and relationship alive post-birth definitely takes some effort but wouldn’t it be worth to bond with the person you just made a baby with? So here are some ways to bring back the romance in your lives and to strengthen the bond!

Check-in Everyday

Even if it is five minutes, make sure you check-in on each other everyday. Just ask how they are doing and listen. Parenting can be challenging for both partners and just listening or asking about them can take you miles. After all, we just want to make sure that we have one more person on our team!

Go for Walks

Whether it is during baby’s nap time or whether you want to take baby for a stroll – do it together. Having a baby can keep you indoors for long hours and just stepping outside can put you in a better mood instantly. Grab an ice cream, sit on the park’s bench and just soak in all the fresh air together.

Share Responsibilities

From household chores to changing baby’s diapers – there are many responsibilities that can be easily shared between partners. While it gives the mom some rest, it also helps you bond better with her. It is also a good step towards becoming three from two – you learn to tackle baby duties with household work.


Remember the days when you would casually make a whole day just about your partner? Well, it can still win over them. From foot massages to secret notes of encouragement – there are plenty of ways to pamper your partner and it goes for both of you. You can also take over baby responsibilities for half a day and give them time to watch a game or visit a salon etc.

Plan a Date

Having a baby doesn’t mean tossing out the romance. Friends and family love you and your baby and it’s okay to ask for babysitting sessions. Plan a dinner or movie date and spend some couple time every week or month to reconnect and enjoy. This gives you ample time to bond with partner and leaves you refreshed for the next few days.

Hope these help!

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