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Breastfeeding Tips

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | July 13, 2018

Is this your first time breastfeeding and you are worried about how the whole experience would be like? Well, even though you think it might come naturally to you, it doesn’t always mean that your intuitions will take over the moment your little one is born! Well, it is not exactly that easy!

So what happens when breastfeeding becomes a challenge? We might just have a few tips for you up our sleeve!

New-borns feed often:

The main thing you have to know now is that newborns nurse, A LOT! This is absolutely normal and you really do not need to be alarmed by this revelations. Your little one will be constantly hungry and your breastmilk proves to be the perfect food for him/her. The main reason as to why your little one needs to feed so often is due to the fact that their stomachs are absolutely small, and thus they need refuelling more often.

Take care of your nipples:

Your nipples are an extremely sensitive part of your body, and we know that by the time you are done nursing, your nipple will start feeling really raw and dry. Though this is all a part and parcel of the process of breastfeeding, tending to your nipples is important. Rubbing purified lanolin on your nipples after every feeding session will go a long way in preventing any excessive dryness and chaffing.

Stay Hydrated:

Your body uses a lot of the water present in to produce breast milk, and as a result of this dehydration maybe common. Having a nice water bottle handy with you at all times is a good idea in such situations. You might even need some water at night, so remember to stock up some water on your bedside table!

Don’t Worry about the Milk Supply:

We understand that it can be worrisome sometimes for you to wonder whether your little one is getting enough milk or not, especially when he/she seems to be hungry all the time. But don’t worry, what you need to be on the lookout for is the amount of diapers the little one is using in a day. If he/she is using at the very least 5 diapers, then your milk supply is perfect!

Breastfeeding is a beautiful feeling and it only increases your bond with your baby over time! Just try to remember to not worry too much and embrace your instincts and you will do just fine!

This content has been certified by our panelist Dr. Anjali Kumar

Dr. Anjali Kumar

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