Breastfeeding Positions

As is with every new skill that we learn, practice truly does make perfect. Even though breastfeeding is a natural act, getting to know and learn how to support your little one and hold him/her in the right position while feeding can make a world of difference to you and your baby. Finding a position that suits you both might take time, but once you do find it, it will definitely get easier from there.

Have a look at some of these positions, and try them out to find the position that works for both of you the best.

The Cradle Hold

This is one of the most classic breastfeeding positions that you will come across and most of the time, it pretty much works for everyone.

  • Start by sitting in a comfortable chair that has armrests on it.
  • If you are not comfortable sitting in a chair then aim for the bed with many pillows surrounding you.
  • Place your baby on your lap or on a pillow on your lap and angle your little one in such a way that he/she is lying on their side with their knee, stomach and face directly facing you.
  • Support his/her neck and spine by extending your forearm and secure the knees against your body.

The Clutch Hold

We are sure you have had clutches, and that is where the name comes from. In this position, you tuck your little one under the arm that is on the same side from which you are nursing, like a handbag.

  • Begin by positioning your little one at your side, under your arm in particular.
  • You will know that you have kept your little one right when your baby’s nose is level with your breasts and the little one’s legs are pointed towards your back
  • Proceed by supporting your baby’s neck and head with the help of your hand, which should preferably be kept on a pillow in your lap.
  • Remember to not push your little one towards the breast since it might make him/her resist.

Reclining Position

This position is best for when you have to feed your baby while lying on your side on your bed. You will require quite many pillows in this to support your back. If you want, then put a few pillows beneath your head and neck as well, so as to make sure that your back and hips are in a straight line.

  • Position the baby so that he/she is facing you.
  • Continue by drawing your little one close to you by supporting his/her head with the palm of your top arm after tucking away your bottom arm under your head.
  • If you think that your little one has to strain to reach your nipple, then placing a pillow or a rolled up blanket under his/her head will help.

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