5 Places for a Stunning BabyMoon

Now that you are in your golden trimester, it is time for a quick escape with your partner, before the baby arrives. Babymoon is fast emerging as a trend in India and you should totally jump on this bandwagon. After all, everything about this sounds lovely – good place, good company and good food! If your doctor has given you a go-ahead, you can totally go on a trip to make your pregnancy even more memorable. And what’s more? It’s make some amazing maternity pictures! So here are five places you can check out for a stunning babymoon in India!


Beautiful beaches, picturesque roads, French food and exotic hotels – Pondicherry is a dream for babymooners. The quaint town offers scenic view of the beach and you’re sure to love a walk along the Promenade. Apart from discovering the town, you can also indulge in the French delicacies offered by the pretty cafes in Pondicherry.


Shimla fulfills your wanderlust if you’re fond of mountains without any risk. This pretty place is easily accessible and has all medical facilities, if needed. Here, you can enjoy the view of the mountains while sipping on a hot beverage in one of the many exquisite cafes. Snack on yummy food, enjoy mountain views and stroll through the beautiful town admiring the architecture – sounds like a dream babymoon, doesn’t it?


This sleepy town actually is home to some of the best beaches of India and attracts many tourists.You can also club it with a quick trip to Munnar. Explore hill stations and beaches in one vacation – what more could one ask for?


Again, this tourist spot is easily accessible by almost all modes of transport and you’re sure to have access everything you could possibly need. A tour of the royal city accompanied by royal treatment, thanks to the plush hotels, will leave you rejuvenated and energized.


Always a favourite! If you have loved the parties and forts of Goa, it’s time to discover the quiet beaches of South Goa and churches. Marvel at the architecture, take a walkalong virgin beaches and indulge in oh-so-amazing food!

All of the places are easily accessible and have access to good medical facilities, so you can visit them without any hassle!

Happy BabyMooning!

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