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3rd Trimester

Natural Treatment for Diarrhoea during pregnancy

Alternative Text By: Rahul Makkar | September 15, 2018

There are many issues that a mother has to face during pregnancy, and a problem with digestion is merely one of the many. When it comes to digestion, a pregnant mother can either suffer from constipation or loose motions. Both of these issues are quite common and occur frequently throughout the duration of the pregnancy.

If, in a day, you end up having 3 or more bowel movements, then there is a chance that you have diarrhoea. Although, as we have stated above, diarrhoea can occur anytime during your pregnancy, the chances of it occurring the in the third trimester is more common. As the time of your labour nears, the chances of your diarrhoea occurring becomes even more frequent.

There are a few remedies that you can have a look at when it comes to treating diarrhoea naturally.

Eat Foods that make your stool firmer

Foods like banana, apple, toast and rice are very effective when it comes to treating diarrhoea as these foods make the stools bulkier by helping it absorb more water. Pectin, specifically found in apple, is an amazing stool bulker, and can help treat watery stools effectively.

Stay away from foods that have high fat and sugar content

The more sweets you have, the more the chances of your body to secrete acids that can cause considerable irritation to your digestive tract. Similarly, foods high in fat are exceptionally hard to digest as they are not water soluble, thus making it harder for the intestines to digest the food.

Avoid the following foods to avoid irritation if digestive tract

Spicy, alcohol and foods with caffeine should be avoided at all costs since they cause considerable amount of irritation to your digestive tract.


During the stage where you are constantly losing liquids from the body, it is of the utmost importance that you stay hydrated and increase your fluid intake.

When to seek help?

Sometimes home remedies may not be enough. If you are having loose motions more than 3 times in a day, then it is always better to consult your physician as he/she will be best able to tell you the course of your treatment.

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