Labour and Delivery: Positioning the baby for birth (Part 2)

Now that you have read about the various positions in our previous post, you must be wondering whether there is anything that you can do to nudge your little one into the anterior position? Well you just might have stumbled upon something there. Here are a few things that might help the little one get more comfortable with moving from the posterior position to the anterior position:

  • Whenever you are sitting down, try to consciously make an effort to tip your pelvis forward, whilst making sure that your knees are positioned lower than your hips. This position is called the Optimal Fetal Position (OFP).
  • Make sure that the seat that you occupy the most, doesn’t make your back sink into it while making your knees go up. If it does, then you might think of changing the seat for a little while.
  • Learn to get up and walk around more if your job involves a lot of sitting.
  • Scrubbing the floors not only helps keep your house clean but also nudges your little one into the anterior position, and helps in swinging the back of your little one’s head to the front of your belly.
  • Trying the hand and knees position even for 10 minutes a day will help a great deal in helping the little one budge into the anterior position. (However do not try this without consulting your doctors first)
  • Trying different postures even during your labour to help the little one get into the anterior might just help. This might also help you relieve your pain.
  • If you feel some uneasiness prior to a few days of your delivery, don’t be worried. This could just be due to the fact that your little one might be trying to change his position and turn.

There are a few things that you can consider which might just help you get through pre and early labour.

  • Getting proper sleep at night proves to be extremely important during this tiring time.
  • Eating healthy food and drinking plenty of water will make sure that you are strong enough during your labour and delivery.
  • Also remember to stay relaxed throughout the journey. That and positivity will go a long way.
  • During labour try to change positions and you will easily be able to make out which one seems to be the most comfortable to you.
  • Leaning forward on a beanbag or a birth ball during contractions will also help you relax.
  • Lying on the side will also help to gently nudge the little one into the proper position.
  • Remember to keep on moving. Do not sit down for a long time.

Keep all this in mind and we are sure that you and your little one will be just fine in no time.

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