How to sleep during pregnancy!

Getting the proper amount of Zs during your pregnancy is of the utmost importance. But what happens when, despite the fact that you are tired, you end up tossing and turning in bed, because you literally cannot find a suitable position to sleep in? This is a very common problem that most pregnant women suffer from, but one that can easily be solved too!

Adapting the right sleeping position all through the term of your pregnancy is very important since it not only helps you fall asleep better but also makes sure that your little one stays safe and sound and comfortable too!


The best and most comfortable position by far during your pregnancy would be sleeping on your side and preferably your left side. It has been proved that by sleeping on your left side in particular, the amount of blood and nutrients that is able to reach the placenta and your baby is more!


Another way of feeling even more comfortable when lying on the side is by bending your legs and knees and placing a pillow in between them.  If you are suffering from back pain, then placing a pillow below the stomach, when you are lying on the side will also help a lot.

Counter heartburn:

Heartburn is another issue that you might face during pregnancy when you are trying to get some sleep! If you experience heartburn even when you are sleeping on your side, then prop your upper body with the help of pillows. This will help ease heartburn to a great extent.

Counter breathlessness:

Breathlessness or shortness of breath is also common during later stages of pregnancy, and propping yourself up on pillows might also help a tremendous amount!

We understand that all these suggestions may not be sounding very comfortable to you, but once you do decide to give them a try, your opinion of them might just change, drastically. However, don’t think that you have to stay put in one position all the time as rotating positions is perfectly fine.

There are positions that you should avoid, however:

  • Sleeping on your stomach:
    As your pregnancy progresses, you will find it incredibly hard to sleep on your stomach. So it is definitely not an ideal way of sleeping during your pregnancy.
  • Sleeping on your back:
    Sleeping on your back may cause a lot of issues for you! From backaches to breathless and digestive issues and low blood pressure, when you sleep on your back, all these problems can arise very frequently.This is due to the fact that your growing abdomen rests on your intestines and some major blood vessels as well.

Just remember, adopting the right position when sleeping during your pregnancy is very important when it comes to your health and even the well-being of your little one!

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