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Easy DIYs to make pregnancy fun and a joyful experience

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | August 18, 2021

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and should be cherished every step of the way. As you eagerly wait for your little one to arrive, a thousand thoughts rush through your mind and you imagine all the wonderful things you’re going to do together, once the baby comes home. However, between then and now, how do you spend your time, that can amp up the fun and also create beautiful results? Well, here are some fun, easy to do and creative DIY ideas that you can do during your pregnancy!

Maternity Photoshoot Props

When you’re going through this beautiful journey, wouldn’t you want to capture some amazing moments along the way? Even if it’s your partner or friend who’s taking the pictures, every maternity photoshoot should be made fun and nothing’s more fun than props! You can do it yourself with something as simple as a chalkboard and colourful chalks. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can try creating a baby theme decor with ribbons, balloons, sonography pictures and cute onesies.

Nursery Decor DIY

What’s better than having fun during pregnancy while making something cute for the nursery? While you can leave the heavy work like painting and furniture arrangement to the rest of the family, you can definitely contribute to the nursery with some adorable DIYs. And these DIY ideas can be customized to suit any decor! You can make cute cot mobiles with animal cutouts or even family pictures – all you need is a pair of scissors, string, pictures of your choice, glues and cardboard. You can also use coloured tapes and strings and firm backdrops to create adorable photo frames for the nursery.

Scrapbook for Baby

Whether it’s about capturing your pregnancy journey or making a scrapbook for all of baby’s firsts – scrapbooks are a fun DIY activity where sky’s the limit. Simply put together some textured and colour pages – and you can bunch them together with either a spiral book binder or even a thick thread. Once you decide on the subject, you can add in photos, photo holders, stickers, little notes and so much more!

Baby Blankets

If you’re good at sewing, you can also try your hand at making adorable DIY baby blankets that are both warm and cute. You can choose from an array of designs and always choose a fabric that is right for the baby – you can also mix and match patterns and even have cut-outs sewed on for added texture and an adorable design.

Pregnancy Countdown Calendar

As your due date draws closer, we bet you can’t wait to meet your little one – so why not make the wait exciting and fun with a DIY pregnancy countdown calendar? It could be a calendar on the wall, or even a t-shirt – you can choose your own canvas. Get out those paints and colours and get creative! From a few weeks to the last few days – you can keep crossing out the dates as the D-day comes closer. If you’re making it on a wall calendar or on a blank page – you can even add little notes about progressions along the way.

So which fun idea are you going to try?

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