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Fitness Regime for Pregnant Women

Alternative Text By: Rahul Makkar | December 14, 2018

It might sound counter-intuitive to you to know that exercising during your pregnancy can actually ensure that you have a healthy and comparatively less painful delivery too, but that is exactly how the right kind of exercises can help you.

However, prior to following any particular fitness or workout regime, you need to have a word with your doctor, to make sure that it is the right kind of exercise for you to follow.

Duration: 50-55 mins

Intensity: Moderate


You can start your fitness regime by starting it off with a 10 minute stretching routine to make those muscles of yours to loosen up. It is of extreme importance to include stretching in your regime, especially during pregnancy, as during this time, you end up carrying extra weight that can affect your body’s alignment.

As a result of this, your muscles and joints have to put in a lot of effort to support the extra weight, and subsequently become more taxed. To make sure that your muscle and joints do not ensure pain, stretching for a few minutes a day, on a regular basis, is important.

Resistance Training

Twice a week, indulging in resistance training like lifting light weights, to exercise arms, legs, shoulders and ankles for a mere half an hour at the most also proves to be a helpful workout routine during pregnancy.

It is recommended that during pregnancy however, instead of free-weights opt for using a weight machine, as there is a lesser chance of getting injured. Performing a minimum of 1 or maximum of 3 sets with 12 to 15 light reps with the weights will help tremendously.

Aerobic Exercises

Once a week, indulging in a 30-minute aerobic exercise like swimming, walking etc. can have tremendous benefits for your health during your pregnancy.

Don’t exert yourself

The main purpose of indulging in such a fitness regime is to make sure that you do not exert yourself while also indulging in some exercises that benefit you and your baby during your pregnancy. If you think you are feeling exhausted, try saying a short sentence without feeling the need to gasp for breath. If you are not able to do it, then you are definitely exerting yourself and should ideally stop working out slowly.

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