Cures for Pregnancy Nausea

Pregnancy comes with lot of joy, anxiety and a feeling of fulfillment but comes with a set of health-related woes. Nausea or morning sickness in pregnancy is one such woe. It is usually attributed to the hormonal changes in our body and goes away after the first trimester. But in some cases it stretches till end and gives lot of trouble to expecting mothers. It not only gives physical discomfort but also hinders our daily work routine, eating and even spoils our mood. Also eating very less food due to it may happen and dehydration may occur which is not good for both the mother and foetus. Even travelling becomes difficult. So here I am trying to enlist some remedies which can help in relieving it:

  • The first thing to do is to delay one’s time of getting up. It is seen that getting up a bit late often leads to skipping that time when it happens and may be the person can avoid it.

  • If you are feeling too sick and nauseous, please take ample amount of rest. Instead of rushing for work just take a deep breath and lie down with closed eyes. This will relieve the feeling.

  • Do not remain on an empty stomach for long time after getting up. Sometimes it is difficult to even take water as it starts when you get up but if in your case it happens after some time of your getting up, eat a biscuit or something you like. An empty stomach and low sugar level may trigger it.

  • It is observed that pregnancy related nausea is linked with certain smells. Some kinds may induce and aggravate it while others may reduce it. To avoid smells which aggravate it, the smell of a soap or a lemon essence helps. One can keep them handy and use when feeling giddy on smelling repelling stuff. Its smell will act as a barrier and you will be relieved.

  • Ginger is known to have relieving properties for nausea so one can have a ginger tea or lemonade with ginger juice in it.

  • Some fruits like oranges and lemons also help a lot. So one can use the zest and preserve the rind in a bottle and smell it.

  • Taking small meals at regular intervals also helps. Though one may feel like eating spicy food but very oily, spicy food and specially junk food should be avoided as initially it may give relief but later on create more problem.
  • There is a powder I used to take during my pregnancy as I had faced it throughout my pregnancy. I am sharing it. Lemon juice of around 5 to 6 lemons is kept in sun for some days and you will find that it is reduced to a solid powder consistency. To this one adds some black salt, dry roasted powdered carom seeds, dry roasted powdered asafoetida, and very little pepper. This has not only helped me in digestion but I never vomited after licking it.

  • Another very useful thing for me was dried plums (dried alu bukhara) which you get from grocers. It is not to be taken in large amounts, just one or two a day. One has to suck them. Also as it is sun dried had dust on it, so thoroughly wash it before consuming. One can even take few while travelling. They give instant relief.

  • Some people just stop taking food and water but that is harmful so water or fluids should he taken in apt amount. If you are not able to take plain water take fresh juice, chaas, lemonade etc. Also replace a heavy meal with light things like poha, upma, khichdi and dalia. A balanced diet is essential for the both baby and mother, but once you are relieved there is ample time to cover on that. So please eat and drink what you like and can and don’t refuse food and fluids completely.

  • It is also seen that listening to light music or music of choice distracts a person and helps avoid vomiting.

  • Some techniques like acupressure are also found useful but they should be adopted under medical supervision and advice.

  • Many women find mint tablets, orange candies, curd with salt etc. beneficial.

  • Sometimes this nausea is also attributed to deficiencies of magnesium and vitamins so one can get that checked and included in diet.

  • Even after all this if one can’t find relief then even some safe medicines recommended by gynecologists.

P.S. All the tips given above need to be practiced only after medical consultation as they may work for some and may not work for others.

A happy pregnancy to all expecting ladies!!!

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