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7 Things every expectant mother should do to prepare for baby

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | September 22, 2021

So now that the D-day is drawing closer, you are beyond thrilled that you would be able to meet your little one soon. But before the day comes when you hold your baby in your arms, there are some things to be done. When you bring home your newborn, your entire life and schedule will likely revolve around the baby’s needs and your recovery, at least for the first few months. So you need to plan ahead and take care of things that cannot be put off till your baby is a few months old. So let’s take a look at the list of things you should do as an expectant mother in order to prepare for your baby.

Set up the nursery and get baby essentials

Whether you plan on co-sleeping or setting up a crib for your baby beside your bed, it’s always a good idea to do the needful before your baby arrives. This can also be a fun activity that you share with your friends or partner. From painting your nursery to the wall decor and accessories – there are heaps of fun things to do while setting up the nursery. While you’re at it, don’t forget to stock up on baby supplies – diapers, creams, bath time essentials, clothes and other things.

Get ready for the hospital

Your hospital visit doesn’t just consist of showing up at the due date. Even before your date, make sure that you pack your hospital bag – this will include all the things that you will need while at the hospital. Extra clothes, a comfortable pillow, toiletry kit, maternity undergarments, snacks and baby clothes are just some of the essentials that you can pack up. Also, think about the things that you would need for the trip back home – carseat, baby essentials etc. It’s also a good idea to come up with a birth plan and keep it handy in your hospital bag.

Stock up on household essentials and freezer-friendly meals

Once the baby arrives, you won’t have time to do grocery shopping or cooking. So think about all the supplies you would need for the next few weeks or months and keep them handy. Cleaning supplies, dry foods, your medicines etc. are some things you can stock up on. You can also ask your parents/friends to bring in some food once the baby arrives and also make some freezer-friendly meals beforehand that can last you for the first few days.

Sign up for prenatal classes

Whether you are opting for a natural birth or C-section, it’s always a good idea to sign up for prenatal classes. Along with classes on labour, they can also guide you on newborn care and other essentials. Safe exercises and bonding with other expectant mothers can be healthy for both your body and mind.

Do all safety checks and repairs

Once your baby comes home, you wouldn’t want to do any repairs to prevent exposure to chemicals etc. So if any household repairs are needed, this is a good time to get those done. Also take this time to babyproof your home, as your baby will be up and crawling in no time. Make sure that the house is safe, free of toxins and baby-friendly.

Have a fun baby shower

After the baby arrives, you will have company but the lives will revolve around the little one and their needs. So take this opportunity to make a fun day for just you! You can plan it yourself or ask your friends to come up with fun themes, ideas and games for the baby shower. Make sure to have fun with your friends and family as just you before the baby arrives.

Plan for alone time and date night

Needless to say, you will wonder about both of these after the baby arrives and it may seem almost impossible to plan these even if it’s just because you don’t want to be away from the little munchkin. You can do a spa day, a salon day, a movie by yourself or even a prenatal massage – just make sure to take out some ‘me’ time before the baby comes. This is also a good idea to sneak in some date nights and bond with your partner as your communication and relationship need to be at their very best when you welcome home your baby.

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