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What not to do or say in front of a baby

Alternative Text By: Pallavi Gunni | January 15, 2019

A baby is like a sponge and absorbs all our actions and words; I realized it when I saw my baby copying my low humming while I was working. My 2-year old daughter tries to copy me at every step, whether it’s posing for the camera or dressing up while looking in the mirror. She copies her father too, the way he eats, dances or sings – Amisha copies his every action. This is why all of us as parents need to be really careful about what we say or do in front of a baby or a toddler. Sometimes we feel that they are too small to understand things around and are careless of our actions near the infants. However, we need to take utmost care so that the baby’s physical and mental health is not affected.

Here are a few things which we should never say or do in front of babies:

Smoking or drinking:

Babies have an underdeveloped airway and low immunity, which is why they have a greater impact of passive smoking. Parents should never smoke in front of the babies as it might affect their health. A breastfeeding mother must avoid alcohol at all costs as infants have an underdeveloped liver which cannot tolerate alcohol. Alcohol gets into the bloodstream of mother and into the breast-milk also. Getting drunk is also dangerous as you have to take care of the baby and in a drunken state, it will be dangerous for the baby.


Babies listen to you even when they are in the womb and start understanding the language you speak. They pick up curse words easily and store them in their brains and can use them when they start speaking. You will realize later when cursing becomes a habit in the child, so never say such words in front of them.

Do not insult your spouse:

It is crucial to keep a happy façade in front of your baby, so even if you are facing some issues with your partner, never show in front of your baby. Never talk badly, insult, disrespect or put down your partner in front of your baby. If you need to talk or even argue, do it in other room so that the child is not able to hear it.

Do not scream:

Parents must not scream or get into physical clashes in front of the baby as the babies can easily understand whatever goes on when words are loud. They are affected mentally and physically when they sense negativity in the atmosphere around. The child is then likely to become more cranky and restless and it might be difficult to calm him down.

Never ignore them:

Babies try to communicate with you at every step, though it may not make sense to you, they are always trying. They are communicating with us even while kicking, crying or making noises. It is crucial to respond to the child and not to ignore their crying or kicking.

Never tell white lies:

Many times parents tell lies in front of the child, without realizing that the little one is watching them, so it is crucial not to lie in front of your child. They are innocent and cannot differentiate between harmless lies or serious lies. They will also feel free to lie as they grow up if they see you lying.

If you think that babies cannot understand the things going on around him, then you must remember that the babies are sensitive and feel all the things around them. If you want to bring up a responsible adult who has a great personality, then it is vital to keep the above factors in mind when the baby is around. Since Amisha is observing all our actions at every time, so both of us take great care and never say or do things that might affect her. This is why she is a happy and jovial child who laughs freely.

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