What and what not to speak in front of your child while developing their speech

A baby’s first word is music to the ears of parents. What if the first word by your child is an offensive word – how would you react?

Whose fault is it? It’s always said that a child learns everything from their home. A child learns the first word from his parents or family. That’s why it is always advisable to think before you speak when your child is next to you .Children observe everything their parents do or say and learn the same. There are many things that can damage the children from inside. One has to be very careful with his words and gestures. There are many things that the parents or family should avoid to say in front of their child –

Abusive words

Abusive words have never done well to anyone, so why should one use it. Make a point that no one will use any abusive word when they are around the little one. Children learning to speak pick up words very quickly and if they see you using it, they think it’s cool to use it too.

Fighting with one another/serious arguments

If it’s so important for you to fight go to a separate room, lock it and lower down your voice and discuss. A child understands everything from the way you talk or the tone. It is said that couples who are always fighting – their children become over sensitive and scared to face the world as they are shattered from inside.

Disrespecting anyone

Never disrespect anyone, be it your elders or juniors. Learn to use thank you, please and sorry wherever it’s necessary to use.

Disguise any relationship

Never disguise relationship and curse one’s family, as its very important for a child to understand the meaning of family and relationship and all relationships are equally important in the walk of life. Be it your mother or fathers family – all are one.

Never criticise or underestimate your child

In any situation, never criticise or use ill words for your child. Children are very emotional and they get disheartened very easily. Small things affect their overall development. Keep reminding them about how special they are to you.

Effective conversation creates lasting bond with their children. It is always said to use right word or phrase in front of your children to create strong relationship with one another. Words have the power to make or break any relationship, so choose your words wisely. 5 most important words for any one are –

  • Yes
  • Please
  • Thank you
  • Sorry
  • I love you/you are important.

One has to be very particular with words – a child observes and learns everything from the family. The foundation of a child should be in such a way that he/she can be strong enough to face any circumstance in life. Teach your child the importance of forgiveness and teach them the best policy for them is to be humble and calm.

Have you ever experienced any situation where your kid has spilled beans or used any abusive word that he shouldn’t be using? Do share your tips how you deal in situations like this.

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