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Tips For Raising A Happy Baby

Alternative Text By: Deepali Soam | August 24, 2018

The moment we see little heads with an adorable smile, we wish them to be happy forever. We parents often say that – We want to raise a healthy happy child, but how do you raise happy kids?

Meaning of happiness differs from person to person. While raising two kids I have learned a lot about how to raise happy kids. I believe that it’s important to be happy in order to raise a happy child.

Here are some simple actions we can take to make our kids happy and the environment positive.

Be Happy To Raise a Happy Baby

I have always seen that whenever I feel emotionally weak, my kids also feel the same. Stress in parents is linked to stress in their children. Insecure and unhappy parents are more likely to raise unhappy children.

Our kids want us to be stress free and composed. Be happy to raise happy kids.

Offer Your Children Undivided Attention

Conversation with kids plays a vital role if you want them to be happy. Sometimes due to work or other responsibilities we neglect kids; this may lead to sadness in them. They just want to steal few minutes from our busy schedule to make the relationship healthy and powerful. So, whenever they ask please give them undivided attention.

Undivided attention here means putting your gadgets, book, newspaper aside and listening to what they want to say. This will make them happy, secure and will also build confidence in them.

Make Family Rituals

Family rituals increase family bonding and allow children to develop socially and emotionally. This also brings immense joy and happiness in a child and helps build a connection among loved ones.

You can go for an evening walk or can play indoor games.

These are just a few examples; bottom line is to enjoy every moment with kids.

Make Sure That Your Kid Gets Enough Sleep

Improper sleep pattern may lead to a cranky baby. Lack of sleep hinders focus and it becomes difficult to manage their emotions. It is really important to form a stable and regular bedtime routine.

Don’t allow screen time during bedtime. Involve your kid in some good story or make them sleep in a quiet room.

Emphasise on the process, not the end result

Kids who focus on effort and attitude – end up reaching greater success in the long run. Some parents overstress kids to achieve the desired result, this may result in stress in the child. Try to focus on the process and acknowledge their behaviour and effort.

Less screen time, more play time

Limiting our own TV time is important to raise a happy kid. It is considered that kids who watch less television are more focused and stress-free.

Unstructured play, pretend play or other indoor and outdoor games are essential for overall growth. Playing games on ipad or mobiles can make them physically, emotionally and mentally weak. Make some good choices and limit the screen time.

So encourage your children for less screen time and more play time.

Stop shouting at your kid

Shouting at your kids can quickly change healthy home environment into an unhealthy one. This situation can make your child anxious. If you are a short-tempered person then try to avoid such situations or leave the place for few minutes. Try to bring some positive thoughts and speak more calmly to your children.

Parenting is noble and tough at the same time but with few changes and efforts, it’s easy to bring up a confident and happy child.

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Happy Parenting!

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  1. Baby care, my kids also feel the same. Stress in parents is linked to stress in their children.

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