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Tips and tricks while traveling with a newborn

Alternative Text By: Sneha Tiwari | May 11, 2018

Well I have traveled to all the possible places in India with my newborn. Surprising isn’t it? I thought it would be very difficult in the beginning but later found out it was very easy and I enjoyed a lot more with her. It can be a little intimidating but nothing you can’t do with a little preparation and some tips.

So here are a few tips and tricks which will help you while going for a trip with your new born:

We should always make a list of the things we are supposed to carry so that it’s easier to pack and unpack.

Make a to-do list in your mobile app so that you don’t forget any important thing which you were supposed to pack in the luggage.

Always make a separate bag for your baby. Never mix your stuff with your baby’s stuff as you may require your baby’s stuff anytime. Baby accessories are very small and may be difficult to find amidst other things.

Make a small kit bag with your baby’s necessary things such as baby shampoo, wet wipes, baby comb, baby moisturizer, baby wash, hand sanitizer, diapers etc. A small bottle of powder, baby nail cutter etc. can also be packed in the same bag.

Make your baby wear comfortable clothes so that it doesn’t hurt them in any way and is very easy to change. Do carry plenty of extra clothes as newborns can poop or have acid reflux quite frequently.

Always carry bibs, tissue papers and napkins and keep them handy.

Use a baby carrier to travel with your baby. I used a baby carrier throughout my traveling and it was the best companion. My daughter would comfortably sleep in the carrier making our vacation easy and enjoyable.

Carry a thermos, feeding bottle, spoon, masher and feeder bowl and nursing cape which will ease all your worries related to weaning and feeding. It always helped me to carry a thermos and baby food that could be made instantly. Whenever my daughter was hungry I used to mix the food instantly with hot water and feed her wherever possible. I carried a nursing cape to nurse her whenever required and in public without any worry. Do consult your doctor before starting baby food for your little one.

Use a car seat for a long distance drive, so that the baby is seated comfortably

Sturdy and light strollers are also another accessory that comes in handy while traveling.

Always keep the medical file of your baby with you. It is an essential as you may need it at any time.

Carry disposable diapers and disposable bags as they can poop anytime.

Carry their medicines which can be needed anytime such as medicines for cough, cold, loose motion, fever etc because it is very common.

Do a research on the climatic condition and carry the clothes of the baby as per the weather.

I hope you found my article helpful. Do share your tips and tricks in the comments section!

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