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This Mother’s Day We Want to Say #ItsOkayMamy

Alternative Text By: MamyPoko | May 9, 2019

“Does choosing C-section for delivering baby make me less of a mother?”

“I couldn’t hear my baby crying at night. I feel guilty about it.”

“I can’t find the right toy for my baby. What does say about me?”

If you have had these thoughts as a mom, take a deep breath. This Mother’s Day, we just want to tell you that #ItsOkayMamy!

We know, as a mom, you receive a lot of raised eyebrows, concerns and questions that can make you question your decisions. But we also know that every motherhood is different and no two mammies are alike but every journey is equally beautiful. And we just want you to remember the same and enjoy the journey that you are on.

As a mom, no one knows your baby better than you. After all, the little one grew up inside of you. So as a mom, you would know best exactly what your little one needs. And as an expectant mamy, you can feel the little one’s heartbeats and kicks and know what makes them excited and what puts them to sleep. So you choose what is best for your little one – without doubting yourself. And that is what makes you, you!

This Mother’s Day, let’s break free from questions and doubts and embrace motherhood in its full glory. Let’s appreciate mothers for all that they do; let’s remember all that they do for their little ones; let’s thank them for all that they have given their babies and let’s love them for the unconditional love they shower on their babies. 

This Mother’s Day, let’s remember that #ItsOkayMamy…

…if your baby kicks when you indulge in chocolates

…if your baby chooses a ladle to play with over toys

…if you still wear maternity clothes after the baby is born

…if all you can think of is your baby

…if you have pregnancy brain and can’t find your car keys #ItsOkayMamy as long as you and your baby are happy and healthy and are enjoying this gift of Nature.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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